Best Solar Charger for Camping Review 2019

I’m sure all of you are familiar with the term charger, but how about a solar panel charger? It is a unique power source to charge your electronic devices. In other words, it is an eco-friendly gadget as you are able to power up your electronic device, without a socket needed which comes in handy if you are camping or hiking outdoors (get your very own boot knife for self-defense when camping!).

That being said, you get your electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops and cameras powered by exposing the charger under the Sun, the main source of solar energy. The charger on the other hand comes with USB ports so you are able to charge your devices conveniently with ease.

It utilizes the renewable energy from the Sun. However, this source of energy is rather limited as you are only able to charge it during the day and only during the presence of the Sun. Hence, you can charge the battery pack during the day and connect it to your phone using a USB cord at night, for instance according to your preference.

There are many type of versatile designs out there. There are top rated solar chargers that are portable, pocked-sized or large ones that comes in a backpack so you can bring it along with you conveniently at all times. Check out our top rated camping cot too.

Top 5 Rated Camping Solar Charger Comparison Table

Name of ProductPower RatingWeightPortabilityPrice
LESHP Waterproof Solar Charger Backpack7W2.5 lbHigh$$
Voltaic Systems Portable Solar Charger6W1.3 lbHigh$$$
ANKER 15W Dual USB Camping Charger15W12.5 ozModerate$$
Nekteck 20W High Efficiency Charger20W1.13 lbHigh$$
Allpowers 80W Foldable Solar Panel Charger80W4.8 lbHigh$$$


The portability refers to how easy it is to carry your product over a long period of time, for instance hiking or camping for long hours in the wilderness. It should be very portable so you can conveniently carry it around. First things first, it should be lightweight and compact (folded dimensions) so that it is able to fit your hunting backpack.

Most chargers comes with an included backpack so you are able to store all your personal belongings conveniently inside the bag. Apart from that, some panels itself are equipped with mesh pockets or zippered pockets so you can either keep your essential items for quick access and safe keeping.

Solar Panel Power Rating

Each charger comes with varying solar power, in which the power is usually measured in the unit, Watts (W).  For example, the LESHP solar charger backpack has a total power of 7W. The 7W power tells you how much energy it can send to your electronic device such as your smart phone or tablet.

With a higher power rating, you are able to charge large and numerous devices at once, depending on how much power it can produce for charging. So, if you are travelling either for a few days or with a group of people, it is best to get the charger with the highest power rating such as the AllPower charger with 80 Watts (product review below).

Best Waterproof Backpack (for hiking) Charger:

LESHP Waterproof Solar Charger Backpack

LESHP Waterproof Solar Charger Backpack

This waterproof solar charger backpack is equipped with 3D breathable fabric cover straps. The breathable fabric ensures maximum air circulation as well as provide you with excellent comfort. In order to provide good ventilation, it has high density EVA foam with ventilation holes, chest shock absorber and mesh coverings.

It has a classic design, where it comes with a removable external frame backpacking pack. You are able to make simple adjustments according to your preference. Its high efficiency removable solar charger has a power of 7W, thus it captures more light at the panel surface. This promises good efficiency as more solar energy are absorbed.

Moreover, it includes an abrasion resistant and durable metal zipper. The zipper is strong and provides a long-lasting performance with minimal weight. Its stress points on the other hand are reinforced with sturdy bar tacking to ensure that it stays durable in the long run. Its durability is also partly contributed from its construction from a high quality, water and tear resistant material.

This product is perfect for day trips, hikes, travel and vacation, it is mainly a must-have for outdoor enthusiast since it is highly convenient and reliable. You are able to charge electronic devices such as smart phones, tablets or any other 5V device.

The 7 Watts solar panel charger is removable and foldable from the main backpack. It includes 22% high efficiency transfer solar cells trapped in an anti-scratch, protective and hardened coating sewn into a PVC  fabric to ensure that it is weather resistant, therefore contributing to its durability.

Speaking about weather resistance, this product has water resistance rating of IPX3. It includes the solar charger backpack together with the USB cable upon its purchase. Also, it includes a built-in smart chip, which provides it with a unique automatic start function.

Its main pockets are large enough to carry your laptop or clothes for example, while the outer mesh pocket can be utilized to keep small, essential items for quick access. It also comes with a zipper pocket above as well as 2 large side mesh pockets so you can store your belongings conveniently for camping.

Suitable for :

  • 7 Watts removable solar charger
  • Backpack included
  • Good ventilation
  • Waterproof rating of IPX3

Voltaic Systems Portable Solar Charger

Voltaic Systems Portable Solar Charger

First things first, this portable charger is equipped with a rugged, monocrystalline solar panel. It operates on an output voltage of 6V as well as provides a total power of 6.15 Watts. The solar panel is rather lightweight and waterproof, coated in urethrane to withstand strong impacts as well as resist scratches.

Furthermore, it requires a charging time of 3 hours under direct sunlight to fully charge a smart phone. Conversely, it needs 8 hours to charge most 7 inch tablets whereas, 11 full hours under sunlight to charge 10 inch tablets. You can either charge your device with the charger directly under the Sun or using an USB cable according to your preference.

This solar charger on the other hand is constructed from lightweight, water and UV resistance fabric materials, manufacture from recycled soda bottles (PET), therefore very eco-friendly. Also, it is equipped with a universal attachment system that comes with 4 male/female clip sets.

These clip sets connects to either your backpack or bicycle for instance, using the reliable MOLLE attachment system.  The charger utilizes lithium ion battery type as well as measures 11 inch x 0.5 inch x 8.75 inch. Weighing 1.3 pounds, it is lightweight, thereby ensuring simple portability.

Apart from that, it includes a portable and removable V15 backup battery pack together with a 15 Wh, 4000mAh rated universal battery to store the power from the solar energy as well as charge your device. Not only that, it can also be charged using any USB ports with the included micro USB cable and adaptor, for your convenience.

The portable solar tablet charger on the other hand is designed to charge various type of electronic devices with 6W high efficiency solar power. These devices include handheld devices, smartphones and USB cameras.

Suitable for :

  • Universal MOLLE attachment system
  • Includes universal battery (4000mAh)
  • Lightweight for portability
  • Solar panel with 6W power

Best Dual USB Charger:

ANKER 15W Dual USB Camping Charger

ANKER 15W Dual USB Camping Charger

This product is basically an industrially strong polymer constructed solar panel sewn into the durable polyester canvas, hence providing a weather-resistant outdoor durability. It is not waterproof, however it is able to handle a little drizzle and morning dew.

ANKER’s solar charger is highly portable. It has an unfolded dimension size of 18.9 inch x 11 inch x 0.7 inch and a folded size of, 11.1 inch x 6.3 inch x 0.7 inch. In terms of weight, it weighs 12.5 ounces, hence it is lightweight as it has a slim and foldable design which can easily fit any backpacks conveniently.

Upon the purchase of the product, you will get the Anker solar charger (15W with 2 USB ports), welcome guide, 3 feet micro USB cable, and a limited warranty of 18 months. Not only that, it provides you with 18W of limitless power, in which you just need to spread out the power panels or attach it to your pack to start charging your gadgets.

Furthermore, it has a fast charging technology. That being said, this charger delivers the fastest possible charge up to 2.1 Amps under direct sunlight. This sun-powered product on the other hand has the efficiency of 21.5% to 23.5%, thereby providing enough power for you to charge 2 devices simultaneously with ease. In terms of safety, it is equipped with a short circuit and surge protection technology.

There are elastic loops on each corner of the panel, hence allowing for easy attachment to either trees, tents or backpacks conveniently according to your preference. It is best if you use the Anker charger to charge the battery pack first during the day, then charge your phone using the USB cord connected to the battery pack for added convenience.

In addition to that, it fully charges up to the duration of 5 to 6 hours under direct sunlight. The charger is compatible to power up tablets (including the Nexus 7), any Apple and Android smartphones and other USB-charged devices. Nevertheless, it can’t be used together with iPods, Asus tablets as well as HPTouchpads.

Suitable for :

  • Short circuit & surge protection technology
  • Fast charging technology
  • Dual USB solar charger

Nekteck 20W High Efficiency Charger

Nekteck 20W High Efficiency Charger

Upon purchase, this product includes a Nekteck 20W solar charging panel, user manual, 80cm micro USB cable as well as a one-year free warranty. You can travel with it, with ease using its bungee loops, which can be attached to your backpack for added convenience.

Besides that, it is equipped with fast charging technology. Its built-in smart IC chip ensures that each port identifies your device with ease, hence maximizing the charging speed with up to 2A maximum per port or 3A overall maximum.

The canvas on the other hand is created to withstand strong impacts during outdoor use, thus contributing to its durability. Exposure to damp conditions will not likely damage the exterior part of the solar charger, so it can be used during any weather conditions conveniently.

Furthermore, it is compatible with all smart phones, GPS, tablets and other USB-supported devices. However, you need to utilize a shorter cable to get the maximum 20W output. Also, it is equipped with a nice pouch/mesh pocket so you are able to store your personal belongings in the midst of charging.

To charge, you just need to unfold the device and expose the 20W sun-powered solar panel under direct sunlight, which each section providing approximately 800 to 1000mA of solar power. With that, you can directly charge your electronic device using the USB cable provided.

It is rather light, weighing 18 ounces. Its extremely compact size on the other hand makes it perfect and convenient to bring outdoors. That being said, its folded dimensions are 6.3 inch x 11.1 inch x 1.06 inch meanwhile its unfolded dimensions measures, 26.3 inch x 11.1 inch.

The 20 Watts high-efficiency panel has a power conversion rate of 21% to 24%, thereby suitable to provide enough power to charge 2 devices simultaneously at the same time. The dual USB charging ports has a maximum output current of 3A in total.

Suitable for :

  • 20 Watts high efficiency panel
  • Dual charging USB port
  • Durable canvas
  • Compact and lightweight

Best High Powered Charger :

Allpowers 80W Foldable Solar Panel Charger

Allpowers 80W Foldable Solar Panel Charger

Weighing 4.8 pounds, it is slim and powerful. That being said, it is 1/3 lighter than other solar silicon with the same power. Apart from that, this charger comes with eyeholes that ensures easy attachment to your backpacks when hiking for instance. All in all, its portable frame design makes it suitable to be utilized for both indoor and outdoor use, according to your preference.

Moreover, this product has 80W power. The efficiency on the other hand is up to 22% to 25%, therefore providing you with limitless power to charge your smart phones, tablets and laptop under direct sunlight.

Upon the purchase of the product, you are entitled to get the solar charger itself of course, USB cables, DC cables, cigarette lighter plug, 10 laptop connectors, clip line and an instruction manual to ensure that your product functions well, therefore in my opinion, very well worth your investment.

It is equipped with a dual USB port (5V/2.4A per port) and 18V DC output (18V/2.4A). The USB port comes with ISolar technology meanwhile the DC supply can be utilized to charge your storage battery or laptop.

In other words, the USB port is mainly used for your smartphones, Ipad, external battery packs, tablets or any other 5V USB-charged gadgets meanwhile the DC port is utilized for charging laptops below 21V as well as 12V car batteries for added convenience. That being said, no additional batteries are required to charge any external devices.

In terms of safety, it includes a short circuit and surge protection technology. Its exterior on the other hand has a rugged, anti-shock, water resistant to fully withstand any outdoor use. Also, you are able to plug it directly to your cigarette lighter port in the car, as an alternative method of charging.

Suitable for :

  • Dual USB port + DC port
  • Eyeholes design
  • Water-resistant, rugged exterior
  • 80W sun-powered charger


If you are an outdoor enthusiast, getting a camping solar charger will come in handy. Correction on that, getting THE TOP RATED charger is important to ensure that it is highly convenient and reliable. Therefore, I hope my review assists you in making the best decision. Happy camping !

Since you will most probably be walking a lot during hiking/camping, it is important to have a good pair of boots, might I add.