Best Steven 320 Shotgun Accessories Review 2019

The Steven 320 is one of a budget-friendly shotgun manufactured by the Savage Arms company. It is rather low-priced and affordable, as well as utilized in various type of applications such as home-defense, hunting and tactical. Though, it is mainly used for home-defense.

That being said, the Steven 320 shotgun is basically a 12 gauge weapon which is very powerful. In fact, it is a lot more powerful compared to the normal pistols, so extra powerful recoils are expected. Apart from that, the best Steven 320 shotgun accessories are important so you get to have a better shooting experience.

Some of the important accessories that makes a difference are reload strips, ammo slings and flashlights which comes in handy when you are hunting in the wilderness. However, your accessories should be sturdy and durable to withstand the strong recoil of the shotgun. Hence, you should only settle for the best products (high quality ones), in my opinion!

Steven 320 Shotgun Accessories Table

Name of ProductAccessory TypeWeightPrice
Streamlight 800 Lumens Tactical FlashlightFlashlight4.2 oz$$$
Streamlight 300 Lumens Tactical FlashlightFlashlight8 oz$$$
Condor Shotshell Reload StripReload Strip45 g$$
Condor Shotgun Reload PouchReload Pouch4.8 oz$$
Stevens 320 Shotgun Ammo SlingAmmo Sling5.3 oz$$

Flashlight :

Streamlight 800 Lumens Tactical Flashlight

Streamlight 800 Lumens Tactical Flashlight

First and foremost, it is best to have a tactical flashlight with you when hunting or for home-defense. It comes in handy during low light conditions in which the flashlight is mounted on the gun. Let’s say, it is really dark and you suspect a predator/thief. In that situation, you get to kill two birds with a stone since you have both light and self-defense weapon.

In terms of construction, I would say it is rather solid and durable since it is made from 6000 series machined aluminium with anodized finish. The glass lens on the other hand are made from impact resistant Boro Float material. Therefore, it is able to withstand high temperature and shock thus contributing to its durability.

In addition to that, its tighten and one-handed snap-on interface makes it a whole lot easier for operation as it allows you to keep your hands away from the muzzle from attaching and detaching the flashlight. That being said, this flashlight securely fits on a wide range of weapons, with the Steven 320 being one of them.

This product utilizes the C4 LED light which is able to deliver about 12,000 candela peak beam intensity and 800 lumen (total amount of light emitted by torchlight). Its TIR optic on the other hand produces a focus beam with excellent peripheral illumination. In other words, the light is extremely bright (a little too bright for home defense!) and comes with a great throw of light with a concentrated beam.

Not only that, it is equipped with a strobe feature, which can be activated using 2 or more momentary paddle hits. The user programmable strobe can be enabled or disabled according to your preference. Also, its latch mechanism as well as tethered battery door provides easy battery replacement, while preventing battery loss.

Talking about batteries, this tactical torchlight utilizes 2 3V CR123 batteries with a shelf life of 10 years, which are included upon the purchase of the product. It weighs around 4.2 ounce together with the battery. Also, these batteries allows 1.75 hours of continuous runtime. However, it’s good if you bring spare batteries along with you.

Moreover, the flashlight comes with a water resistance rating of IPX7. In other words, it is waterproof to 1 meter depth of water for about 30 minutes. Besides that, it utilizes the latest shock-proof power LED technology, thus making it very well worth your investment.

Suitable for :

    • TIR optics
    • C4 LED lights (300 lumen)
    • IPX7 waterproof rating
    • Strobe feature included

Streamlight 300 Lumens Tactical Torchlight

Streamlight 300 Lumens hunting Torchlight

If you’re looking for a less bright light than the torchlight above, this product is suitable for you, especially to be utilized for home defense. Unlike the previous torchlight with 800 lumen, this product has a mere light rating of 300 lumen. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t bright. On the contrary, it is rather bright.

That being said, it comes with a LED rating of up to 12,000 candela peak beam intensity. The system output on the other hand measures 300 lumen. Back to the brightness, this product utilizes the bright C4 LED feature which is triple the brightness of a regular LED. Hence why, it can be used for versatile applications such as home defense, security, military and law enforcement.

In terms of construction, it is made from sturdy machined aluminium with black anodized finish. The anodized finish prevents any form of rusting so you can use it under all weather conditions. That being said, this product is waterproof and dustproof.

For operation, you need to work on its ambidextrous momentary steady on/off switch. It is rather simple to use with one-hand, for your added convenience. Being ambidextrous, you can operate it one-handed with either your left or right hand depending on your convenience.

Moreover, this LED flashlight is powered by 2 CR123 lithium battery which are included upon the purchase of the product. These batteries provide you around 2.5 hours of runtime. Not only that, it includes a deep dish parabolic reflector. The reflector comes in handy to produce a concentrated beam with great peripheral illumination.

Lastly, it is rather easy and quick to attach and detach safely to almost any shotguns. Don’t fret, you can attach and detach them without having to put your hand in front of the muzzle. Also, it comes with rail locating keys for the Beretta 90, 1913 Picatinny, Glock style and S&W 99/TSW, for simple mounting.

Suitable for :

    • Includes rail locating keys
    • Machined aluminium construction
    • Ambidextrous momentary switch
    • Bright C4 LED

Reload Strip/Pouch :

Condor Shotshell Reload Strip

Condor Shotshell Reload Strip

The reload strip is rather small and lightweight so it is really portable, in my opinion. You can either stick it to the Velcro part of your weapon or hold it in your pocket. Either way, it is light enough and won’t weigh you down. That being said, the function of this product is to store additional ammo, in which it also keeps your shells organized.

Weighing 45 grams, it comes with a magazine strip with dimensions of 2 inch x 6.5 inch. The whole strip is able to accommodate a total of 6 shotgun shells. In other words, it has 6 elastic loops where you store in your shells for secure keeping. However, the shells are not provided so you have to purchase them separately.

Furthermore, the proper spacing and sizing of the elastic loops ensures the easy and quick mounting of the shells in a unidirectional way. The retention of the shell holder on the other hand is strong and secure. It is equipped with heavy duty stitching therefore contributing to its durability.

There is a hook at the backside of the strip for easy attachment to any Velcro surfaces on your shotgun. In other words, it is rather simple and quick to attach and detach the whole strip itself from the Velcro surface on the receiver of your firearm, simply by utilizing the hook. Also, it is able to withstand strong recoils from the Steven 320 shotgun, provided you mount and hook it properly and securely in place.

Not only that, it is designed to be attached to the modular platform or the buttcuff of your gun to ensure quick reloading of your weapon. That being said, the shells stored in the strip can be easily accessed and removed for reloading. The strip on the other hand holds the shells well in place so you need not worry about it dropping to the ground.

Suitable for :

    • Carries 6 shells
    • Sturdy elastic loops
    • Lightweight and portable
    • Has a hook backside

Condor Shotgun Reload Pouch

Condor Shotgun Reload Pouch

Unlike the reload strip above, this product is slightly bigger in the shape of a pouch, where it can store a larger number of shotgun shells. That being said, it features an innovative design in which the pouch is foldable for simple portability and easy carry. Also, it is able to accommodate a total of 25 shotgun shells.

However, it is a little hard to load it until the 25th shell, though there are slots for 25. So, it is best you just load up 24 shells due to its compact configuration. As for the arrangements to accommodate all 25 shells, there are 6 horizontal rows where each row has 4 loops. There is also an additional shell loop between the last 2 rows.

In other words, the design is rather compact in order to ensure that it can be folded. You will have easy access to the shells because it is very organized and arranged properly. That being said, you can access the first 8 rounds without having to open the whole pouch, with maximum convenience. When deployed, it keeps the shell at a perfect position for quick reloads.

Another plus point is that its back straps are compatible with the MOLLE system. It comes in handy so you can easily attach it on backpacks and range bags according to your preference. To further ensure that the shells are held securely in place, this product is equipped with adjustable flaps with Velcro, 4 UTX snap fastener with durable PALS as well as pull tabs.

In addition to that, the folding point is double layered at both sides hence it’s safe to say that it has heavy-duty stitching, which further contributes to its durability. The sides are hardened from extra protection to withstand strong recoils. All in all, the pouch is easy and convenient to be carried on your backpack or carry bag using the useful MOLLE straps.

Suitable for :

    • Foldable quick-access design
    • Holds 25 shotgun shells
    • Adjustable flap with Velcro
    • MOLLE straps included
    • 4 UTX snaps

Ammo Sling :

Stevens 320 Shotgun Ammo Sling

Stevens 320 Shotgun Ammo Sling

What would look cooler than donning on an ammo sling with your weapon, over your shoulders? It’s a rather rugged and not to mention, portable because you can simply hang it over your shoulder, for your added convenience.

The shotgun ammo sling comes with ammo loops and gripping rings, instead of Velcro strips like the reload strip above. It is able to accommodate 25 shells (20 or 12 gauge shells) in its elastic loops. The webbing loop loops through the swivels on the stock to attach it onto your shotgun.

In other words, it is connected on 2 points of your weapon, from the butt up till the front. However, you need to purchase swivels (not included) to do so. It is a little complicated to attach at your Steven 320 gun at first, so it is best if you look through Youtube tutorial videos to provide you with proper guidance.

In addition to that, you can choose to either insert it using a wide strap through the swivel (swivel not included) or secure it to the barrel or magazine tube according to your preference. Not only that, it holds your ammo well without dropping it to the ground. However, the length and looping might be a limiting factor because all shooters are of different sizes, so you might need to do some modification for a perfect fit.

Furthermore, it is constructed from heavy-duty black nylon material and comes with a 2 inch diameter ring handle. That being said, it is rather comfortable and takes the weight off your shoulder (distributed evenly). Also, it features excellent rubber gripping strips which comes in handy to prevent the sling from slipping off your shoulder.

Though a little heavy on the weight, it provides you with good access for reloading. Nevertheless, it is best used for home-defense where the shooter need not move frequently to provide you with the best performance.

Suitable for :

    • Ammo sling with loops
    • Accommodates 25 shells
    • Rubber gripping strips
    • Quick access for reloading
    • Heavy-duty nylon construction


All in all, it is important to get accessories with your shotgun. They all come with varying prices with some being cheap such as the sling and reloading pouch and some slightly expensive, like the tactical flashlight (check out the best flashlight for AR-15). However, the Steven 320 shotgun is rather cheap so not to worry, you won’t be spending too much of money.

Apart from that, accessories will just improve your shooting experience because it provides you with maximum convenience. Hence, I hope my review give you a little insight on the accessories you need to get with your shotgun, for added convenience.

Happy hunting and don’t forget to check out our Sig P938 holster.