Best Survival Lighter Review 2019

A survival lighter is an alternative to provide you with fire rather than using the conventional way, which is making the fire using sticks. The survival lighter method on the other hand is more reliable than the traditional method as you don’t need limited resources such as sticks and also still be able to utilize it during a rainy day.

Apart from that, it functions to provide you with warmth and keep away coyotes hence ensuring your safety. With the fire source, you are also able to cook in the wilderness for survival. Therefore, tactical lighters are widely used by mainly outdoor enthusiasts who are actively engaged in activities such as hiking and camping (fancy a camping cot? ) in the wilderness.

That being said, the best survival lighter is one of a must-have items in your survival kit as it comes in handy when you’re out and away from civilization. Why have a torchlight when you can have a lighter?

The argument is further strengthened as the lighter can be used for versatile applications rather than providing you with light. In addition to that, the factors that affect the performance of your product are the durability, waterproofness and portability.

Top 5 Rated Survival Lighters Comparison Table

Name of ProductWeightDurabilityWaterproofnessPrice
True Utility Firestash Lighter0.3 ozModerateModerate$$
Ultimate Survival Technologies Floating Lighter2.2 ozHighHigh$$
Zippo Matte Lighters1.8 ozHighLow$$
UCO Stormproof Torch Lighter3.4 ozHighHigh$$
Windmill Delta Stormproof Lighter2 ozHighModerate$$


Most of them are constructed from metal alloys such as high grade stainless steel to prevent corrosion and to ensure a sturdy tough product that is able to last for a long time. For instance, it shouldn’t break easily or some parts of it get broken when dropped on the ground. It should also be impact resistant therefore able to hold still during windy days for example.


Most products have a small and compact shape. The compact shape is important to ensure that the lighter is highly portable so you can easily bring it along with you. Being portable, you can either place it in your pocket or backpack conveniently as it doesn’t take up much storage space.

Some lighters come with rings, similar to the keychain type. This comes in handy so you can easily access it by hooking it either on the hem of your bag or pocket. Hence, you don’t have to dig in your pockets to access it during an emergency situation.


To provide you with optimum survival performance, your product should be waterproof. In other words, it should be able to withstand all weather conditions, especially rainy weather and still work fine. For instance, if you get wet from a heavy downpour and your attire soaked, a waterproof lighter will come in handy.

Most of the waterproof ones are equipped with ‘O’ ring seals to prevent the water from entering it. The ones that can float on water are also a bonus such as UST lighters. All in all, a waterproof product will further increase its durability.

True Utility Firestash Lighter

True Utility Firestash Lighter

The Firestash lighter is a miniature waterproof product that is highly portable. Therefore, you can easily bring it along conveniently wherever you go either in your pocket or hunting backpack. It is constructed from a dark chrome plated zinc alloy body to ensure that it’s sturdy and durable.

Furthermore, this fully working lighter comes with a small key canister. In other words, it is equipped with a 20mm split key ring for quick and simple attachment to your keys, your bag or the hook on your belt according to your preference. Thus, it comes in handy for essential outdoor use and simple access.

The neoprene ‘O’ ring keeps the water out hence contributing to its waterproofness. The ‘O’ ring that is located between the base and the cap seals it tightly to prevents air or moisture from seeping into it or your fuel from leaking.

Apart from that, this product is fueled by a petrol refillable liquid however, the fluid is not supplied upon the purchase of this product so you have to buy them separately. You need to fill it with fluid to light it up. The fluid on the other hand will least likely leak due to the sturdy ‘O’ ring seals.

In terms of appearance, it has a capsule shape therefore, compact enough so you can keep it with you with ease. Not only that, it is waterproof however, you should refrain from using under direct water such as a heavy downpour.

To refill the lighter, you are to pull out the lower portion part which contains the flint, remove it, refill it and you’re good to go. You can watch Youtube tutorial videos for better visual step by step instructions. Also, the fuel may run out fast or dry fast so you should bring along spare fuel supplies with you.

Suitable for :

  • Capsule shaped
  • Small key ring canister
  • Neoprene ‘O’ ring

Best Waterproof Lighter :

Ultimate Survival Technologies Floating Lighter

Ultimate Survival Technologies Floating Lighter

Equipped with a rugged black fit and finish, this product has a 2 year limited warranty so you get to change it for free it if damaged or broken within the span of 2 years. The customer service is also really up-to-date and excellent in rendering their services to you.

In other words, this product is a butane lighter with a Piezo electric ignition. This type of ignition is excellent as it is able to light up to 30,000 times as well as works well under all weather conditions, whether rain or shine. It has an ‘O’ ring seal with a locking clasp to prevent water from getting into it as well as to prevent the fuel from leaking.

That being said, the lighter is waterproof as it is able to float on water. Its slim design on the other hand enables it to fit easily in your pocket or take up a small space in your backpack therefore it is deemed portable.

Moreover, the flame is windproof to 80 miles per hour (mph) so you can utilize it conveniently during windy weather conditions. The flame window indicator on the other hand glows a bright white color during ignition. Not only that, the flame adjustment feature allows appropriate oxygen mix for optimal performance of up to 8000 feet.

The fuel capacity of this product is 0.14 ounces. In other words, you can fill up that much of liquid fuel into its chambers. The fuel is not provided upon the purchase of the product due to the shipping safety regulations so you should buy separately your own fuel from the local shops around your house.

The filling up of fuel process is a little complicated so you should either read the instruction manual provided or surf Youtube’s tutorial videos on simple and proper filling up of fuel for maximum convenience.

Suitable for :

  • Sealed ‘O’ ring with locking clasp
  • Butane lighter
  • Piezo electric ignition
  • Flame adjustment feature

Best Lighter with Matte Finish :

Zippo Matte Lighter

Zippo Matte Tactical Lighter

This product is available in various types of vibrant matte colors. One of the plus point of matte colors is that the matte finish provides a lighter and smoother texture than the usual metallic or monochrome painted products.

Your fingerprints on the other hand won’t be displayed on the body of the lighter due to its matte finish and you will least likely have scratches on your product. Therefore, you are to benefit in the long run as your product will look good as new, provided you take good care of it.

Moreover, it comes in the standard case shape that has rounded corners top and a flat bottom. Its compact shape makes it highly portable so you can simply carry it along in your pocket conveniently as it takes up very little storage space.

Having an all metal construction, this product is a genuine Zippo windproof lighter that features the Zippo ‘click’. It is refillable for a lifetime usage. For optimum performance, you should utilize the Zippo premium fluid, flints and wicks.

That being said, the flints and wicks are included however the lighter fluid should be purchased separately as they are not supplied upon the purchase of the product. In terms of filling the fluid, it is rather simple to fill. You should watch videos online for visual guidance rather than relying on written instructions.

On the contrary, if you accidentally overfill it fluid, you need not worry. You just have to leave it open for awhile as the extra fuel will evaporate fast. Not only that, this product comes with two digits on the bottom of the lighter which refers to the year meanwhile the letter is the code for the month.

Suitable for :

  • Zippo windproof lighter
  • Matte finish (smoother texture)
  • Easily refillable

UCO Stormproof Torch Lighter

UCO Stormproof Torch Lighter

Weighing 3.4 ounces, UCO’s stormproof lighter is constructed using durable ABS and silicon material. It is very portable as it comes with an aluminium carabiner for simple attachment either to your belt or your backpack conveniently.

In addition to that, it comes in 2 different styles (sold separately) in which you can choose according to your preference. The first style is with a utility tape that tears off easily and adheres for temporary seals meanwhile the second style is with a built-in bottle opener (this product) that can be used for versatile applications other than to open your bottle cap.

This refillable waterproof and windproof lighter utilizes liquid butane as its fuel. However, the fluid is not included upon purchase of the product due to hazardous goods shipping regulation so you need to get the fluid separately and fill it in yourself.

Furthermore, it holds enough butane fuel for 700 ignitions approximately. The ignition on the other hand is the Piezo electric system which will last over 30,000 uses. This product can be used for versatile applications such as outdoor activities (camping, skiing, boating) as well as emergency survival situations.

This product features a triple jet, windproof and adjustable height flame to provide you with good source of light and heat for all weather conditions. That being said, it is highly waterproof as it is equipped with a double interference silicon lid to keep it dry and safe.

Apart from that, you can make simple adjustments to the flame and fill the fuel in it with ease. You just need to turn the dial to the negative side followed by emptying the fuel tank and release pressure by pushing in the fuel nozzle.

Then, hold it upside down and fill for about 3 seconds. The lighter on the other hand comes with visible clear plastic so you can clearly see the fuel level of butane hence estimating when you need to fill it and so.

Suitable for :

  • Includes built-in opener
  • ABS & silicon construction
  • Piezo electric ignition system
  • Adjustable height & windproof flame

Windmill Delta Stormproof Lighter

Windmill Delta Stormproof Survival Lighter

Windmill’s stormproof lighter is a high quality, field tested survival gear that is a must-have in your survival kit. It can be used for versatile applications such as camping, fishing and for emergency situations especially in the wilderness.

It has 2 years of warranty so your product can be repaired for free within the span of 24 months. Not only that, it weighs 2 ounces and holds 1 g of fuel. Due to its lightweight, it is very portable to be carried around with ease, either in your pockets or backpacks.

Moreover, it has a windproof flame that is able to withstand winds with speed of 70 to 80 miles per hour (mph). This lighter is equipped with the effective Piezo electric ignition system therefore it is able to perform for over 30,000 uses.

The product is further secured with a stainless steel wire closure to ensure its durability over multiple use. The alloy metal on the other hand prevents the corrosion of your product. It also comes with an ‘O’ ring seal that tightly seals the lighter to prevent water from entering the lighter. Therefore, it is watertight as well as prevents the fuel from leaking out.

In addition to that, the elastomer armor on the outer body of the product provides good impact resistance so it can be utilized for any weather conditions, whether rain or windy weather. For the best flame results and performance, you are advised to use the quadruple refined fluid however, you can even use the standard butane fluid for a working lighter.

The ignition of the flame has a 2 step operation. Firstly, you need to half press the button for a bit, then finish off for the spark. It also fills up with ease. The glass wall of the lighter on the other hand is visible to show how much fuel is left in it.

Suitable for :

  • Piezo electric ignition system
  • Elastomer armor outer covering
  • ‘O’ ring seals
  • Stainless steel wire closure


A survival lighter is versatile as it can be used for various type of applications, mainly outdoor applications and during emergency situations. It is an important source of heat and light therefore you should get a good lighter well worth your investment. Hence, I hope my review assists you in making the decision.

You should pair delicious survival food with the lighter because what is adventure with an empty stomach!