Cold Steel 97KMS Kukr

We Review the Best Survival Machetes for 2020

While a survival knife is a crucial tool in outdoor or emergency situations, a machete offers specific capabilities that a knife just doesn’t.  In this post, we will be looking at 5 best survival machetes.

Frequent campers, sportsmen, hikers, divers hunters and many adventurers like to keep a cool machete in their collection of prized possessions since it can truly prove to be handy when considering a temporary set up of any kind or building something. In fact, for chores like building bushcraft shelters (where wood cutting is necessary), machetes are much more convenient as compared to survival knives.

Top 5 Rated Survival Machetes

Name of ProductsWeightMaterialHandle GripBlade DesignSheathPrice
Cold Steel Heavy MacheteHeavyVery strongStrongGoodNo$$
Gerber Gator MacheteMediumVery strongStrongExcellentNo$$
Ka-Bar 2-1249-9 KukriHeavyStrongStrongVery goodYes$
Cold Steel 97KMS KukriLightVery strongStrongExcellentYes$
Ontario SP8 MacheteMediumVery strongStrongExcellentYes$$

KA-BAR 2-1249-9 Kukri Review

 KA-BAR 2-1249-9 Kukri

Have you ever checked out this model of kukri? If you are looking at it right now, I am sure you will agree that this black beauty with its cordura clasped sheath is an instant eye catcher. This being kukri machete obviously boasts strength and sharpness and it is highly demandable among collectors and sports enthusiasts.

This is made of carbon steel making it capable of high retention and durable. However, this one being a bit heavy weight wise is not for weak grippers. KA-BAR is an authentic designed 17 inch machete used mostly for unearthing unwanted weeds or shaping your garden. It has a nice thermoplastic handle that will not slip away from your hand and end up wounding you when you are doing the long day’s work of trimming those long overdue grasses in your garden or patching up the campsite after a sleepover.

This 100% synthetic fixed blade with medium built handle is also used by many military and service holders as a tool of safety. It has been tried and tested before releasing in the market so that you can take advantage of its cool twenty angle curved blade to incapacitate your victims at time of needs. The one and only debate you may be going through when picking this unique piece is its slightly extravagant price but then again a collector always goes for quality over anything else when it comes to buying a new piece to your prized collection.

Suitable for:

  • Prefers both quality and beauty
  • Not used for too extreme activities
  • Desires to cover larger space in fast pace while cutting

Cold Steel 97KMS Kukri Review

Cold Steel 97KMS Kukr

One look at this ingenious beauty and you will be sold by its sheer eminence. This inwardly curved wonder with its pointed tip and a wide midsection is equipped to cut through anything and everything. Chop, slice, crush, dig or whittle, it won’t dent even an inch. This powerful weapon has its versatile use ranging from attacking a polar bear to scaling or gutting fishes from the pond. The thick carbon steel blade is rust protected so you do not have to worry about dipping it into water or to plough through wood.

You can make the best of it with its easy five inch grip handle and it is effortless to carry around. Owning a 97KMS is like growing an extra pair of strong arm which will protect you when you embark yourself in extreme danger and will also be your life saver when you need to make do in stranded or deserted areas by curving raw meat like butter while cooking.

If you are thinking that obtaining this will cost you a fortune then you are in luck! It is offered at the best negotiable price imaginable and comes with its own protective sheath and warranty. So, you can securely carry it anywhere you take flight and do not have to sweat about manufacturing default. This model has proved its long lasting efficiency and capability even in dire conditions so, when you purchase it, you are guaranteed a good buy. Before that, you might want to check out our checklist for the complete wilderness survival gear and also our 21 basic wilderness survival skills.

Suitable for:

  • Ideal weapon seekers
  • Carry in risky areas for safety and survival
  • Appreciates warranty

Ontario SP8 Machete Review

Ontario 6145 Military Machete

Enjoy the thrill of wilderness with this exclusive model of Ontario’s finest machete. It has a razor edged hard backbone making it an ideal weapon for a good fight.  What makes it more convincing is it being the most popular choice for US Armed Forces since decades.

You will find it everlasting due to its composition of high carbon stainless steel as it will not catch rust easily and will maintain its sharpness a long time before you have to worry about sharpening its edges. You can bet that it can slice open almost anything because it is anything but feeble. It is a machete of standard size and a firm handle that proves its effectiveness you expect for extensive use.

It comes in very handy for outdoor activities as well as for your survival. This machete is a delight giving you a feel of caveman while you go camping with your friends. It will not only save you from being the prey of hungry animals but will also scare away stealthy thieves. You can also get hold of a sheath especially designed for this particular machete but you have to purchase it separately. Overall, you can be reassured to be at perfectly good hands at a very affordable price.

Suitable for:

  • Tends to camp in jungles a lot
  • Use it as both weapon and cutting heavy stuff
  • Prefers multiple purpose

Cold Steel Heavy Machete Review:                                   

Cold Steel Heavy Machete

One look at this cold steel machete will convince you that it is not a kitchen knife for cutting the vegetables on your table. It clear and loud portrays the definition of a machete. Its ax like chiseled heavy exterior gives it a rough look and serves its purpose well. The carbon steel anti rust material shelters it from any rust growing on the blade enabling you to use it for a long period.

Its massive size can be a negative for some people but then again it is mostly used by huntsmen or extreme travelers who are enticed to live in adverse condition and enjoy living in survival mode under harsh surroundings. They use the leverage of heavy weight and size to hack through forests and animals alike to forge their living and set up their habitat. Its excellent polypropylene handle will give you a strong grip while swiveling it around to chop and cut. The plain thick edge delivers a powerful swing putting the weight and angle at right use to serve your need.

Of course, this is a very simple machete with a straight forward motive, which does not come with any special highlights other than exactly what a machete is needed for. This is the ideal version for the budget seekers since it is very reasonably priced considering the satisfactory features it provides.

Suitable for:

  • Those who in budget leash
  • Aims to use for only one purpose
  • Does not expect too many add-on features

Gerber Gator Machete Review

Gerber Gator Machete

Gerber brings its new product with such beauty and efficiency that it can sting their competitors. This arm length machete is here to impress and conquer with its beautifully designed jagged edge with a sharp peak. You can curve out pieces of wood or such similar material with attention to detail with its fine edged saw blade.

In fact, it will not shy away from aggressive use whether it is stabbing a chunk of wood or peeling and digging dense elements. You can put it into rough use with confidence as the machete has gone through quality testing and passed with flying colours for best quality and maximum durability.

It is made of steel with a rubber handle that speaks for itself regarding its strength and tight grip. This one’s fierceness can leave you at awe as how useful it can be when you go camping or hunting in the jungle or testing your hand in woodcraft. Give it a try and its efficiency and reasonable price will make it one of your valuable possession.

Suitable for:

  • Very cheap
  • Impressive appearance
  • Used for extensive outdoor activities

What to Look for in a Machete


Buying a machete depends on the attitude of the person purchasing it. If you do not like to drag on heavy tools with you while on an outdoor trip or in a competitive sports ground, you must look for a machete, which is light weight and easy to lift and carry. Most people would prefer to such a machete.

However, if you are engaged in heavy tasks such as renovating your house or uprooting the hedges in your backyard, you must be looking for something that will cover large ground at faster pace even if it is heavy and large in size. So, put some thought on what use your machete will engage in before deciding on what machete you want to buy.


This is where most of your thought gear should work on while choosing your desired machete. The blade of the machete is either made from carbon or steel. While carbon is tougher and adds strength to your gear, it is more prone to rust. Steel on the other hand is resilient against rust but not as sharp edged as carbon. The best machetes are those, which are a composition of both steel and carbon making it highly retainable and solid providing both strength and durability.

Handle Grip:

This is another thing you just cannot overlook when purchasing the machete of your liking. A strong grip means it will serve your purpose well but how do you decide which one will do that for you? A wooden made handle will keep your hands cozy but will split under water.

A rubber grip will certainly make it a tighter fit but it will get brittle after using for a few years. A steel handle in that case can cater your need but then again there is the risk of your grip slipping away if your handle gets soaked in water. So, a handle with a combination of any two such material which resists slipping and deterring over time will be the right choice for you.

Blade Design:

The design of your blade not only gives it a cool appearance but also gives an impression on what it is capable of handling at work. Do a little research on the type of machete you want and select the one that suits your requirement. Suppose a kukri is inwardly curved with a sharp edge making it a pro as a fighting weapon among many other uses. Some blades are jagged shaped, others simply thick with plain dagger like edge.

Browse through your options and see the angle in which you can position the blade and the aim it will target. Focus on your needs before concluding on the right design you prefer. Also, keep in mind that the blade size suits you and that it is not easily dented after heavy use.


Last but not the least; this is an essential stuff, which should accompany your beloved machete. No matter the quality or the beauty of your machete, it also needs to be taken care. You cannot just leave it open when you are not using it. It needs its own cover so that it does not get damaged or you do not hurt yourself accidentally from its sharp edge. Also, a sheath makes it easier for you to tag along your machete wherever you go. A tool with a carry on makes it a complete package worth buying.

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