Best Telescopic Fishing Rod Reviews 2018

When it comes to fishing, surely every angler will be aiming to have a great fishing rod, for it is the star of the show after all. And plus, how will you even catch fish without one? With those troublesome fishing nets? yeah i didn’t think so. Now, if you are an angler who is keen on travelling to different fishing spots to catch different breeds of fish, a telescopic fishing rod is just what you need.

Continue reading on below to find out which are the best ones. Also, you may want to check out our previous articles on fishing gear like our reviews for the best baitcasting reel or the best fish finders.

Before that, here are a few of the criteria that need to be considered when choosing the best telescopic fishing rod :


As usual, this will be the criteria that will either make or break a product. Telescopic fishing rods are meant to be lightweight and easy on the angler, thus one that is bulky and heavy will simply not make the cut. Keep in mind that a fishing pole is something that you will be having at hand at all times, most especially when you are wrestling with that huge fish, thus you would not want it to wear you out and ultimately lose the battle.

And while some may say that an equally heavy fishing rod is necessary to battle with huge fishes, I beg to differ. The lightweight ones can be just as sturdy and durable without the added load. It’s all about the performance and capacity of this fishing gear.


Telescopic fishing rods are typically made of the same materials as conventional fishing rods such as graphite, carbon and sometimes fiberglass or even composites of this materials. However, since fishing will involve exposure to either saltwater or freshwater, it will be wiser to opt for a product that is made out of stainless steel or aluminium alloy.

These materials are far more resilient and will ensure that your fishing rod does not rust and stays intact for a long time. They also lend a more sleek, professional feel to the overall design of the rod, thus not only is it durable, but attractive to the eye as well. A win-win situation for sure.


There are a range of prices out on the market, thus it depends on what you are looking for really. If you are willing to spend a little more, then you may choose to so do. However, if you are a beginner or an amateur who just recently picked up fishing as a hobby, you may want to go for a basic product that is affordably priced, considering that some of you may be teenagers and will have to get permission from your parents to purchase the desired telescopic fishing rod.

Thus, if it comes at a price that is friendly to the wallet, you are on your way to owning that fishing rod.


If you did not already know, telescopic fishing gears are popular among those whom like to travel because of it’s collapsible feature thus it extremely convenient to travel with. No more having to find a monstrous bag that will be able to fit your fishing rod or standard size bag with a fishing rod that juts out awkwardly at an angle. With this, you will be able to fit it into any bag, anywhere.

Which makes things extremely convenient as that can save space and you will have more room leftover for other fishing gear. Thus, be sure to look closely at the collapsible design of the fishing pole.

Other elements included

Most manufacturing brands include other features as well on the fishing rod, thus as a consumer you are surely getting your money’s worth. However, just because it is free, doesn’t mean it is up to standard and functional. Most products come with fishing line (check out our reviews on  the best monofilament line or the best braided line), spool and even cases, so you will definitely have to note just how good all those extra elements are.

For example, if the telescopic rod is great, but the spool is very average in performance, then that may start to limit the number of fish you catch, as overall everything is not exactly working in sync. Thus, be sure that the added elements are of good quality as well.

  1. Weight is rated accordingly.
  2. Durability is rated from very bad to very good.
  3. Budget is rated accordingly.
  4. Convenience is rated from very bad to very good.
  5. Other elements included is rated accordingly.
ProductsWeightDurabilityBudgetConvenienceOther elements
Sougayilang Rod150 gramsGoodAffordableGoodReel and spool
Plussino Telescopic Rod -GoodVery affordableGoodCloth bag
KastKing Fishing Rod -Very GoodAffordableVery GoodNone
Supertrip Rod300 gramsVery GoodAffordableGoodReel and spool
Fishing Gear Plus 9.6 ouncesGoodVery affordableGoodFloats and hooks

Sougayilang Telescopic Fishing Rod

sougayilang-telescopic fishing rod

There are a few models to this rod, thus the weight will vary. Here , we will be looking at the featured model which weighs at 150 g. Thus, it is needless to say that this product is very lightweight and perfect for on the go.

Apart from that, it is made out of high density carbon fiber mixed with fiberglass to give it maximum durability and strength. This rod is of high quality thus it can be even used for surf casting, just extend it away from so it won’t get inside pole while sliding open or close then wash it once done. And the unique design of gold and blue is very attractive to the eye.

Budget wise, this item is pretty affordable but it will depend on the model. The ones with the enhanced features will of course be more expensive. In terms of convenience,the rod also has a nice balance to it and the tip has decent sensitivity. Telescopic poles typically lose their strength quickly but this one seems fairly sturdy and has non-slip grips.

Also, the pole extends and collapses smoothly without any hesitation and overall performs well. As for the other elements included, it comes with a reel and an aluminium spool. The reel is made of high quality metal and ABS composite plastic . The 5:2:1 gear ratio and 13+1 ball bearing design is great to handle and plus,the reel functions smoothly and has a nice drag system.

As for the disadvantages, the only one is that the rod joints tend to come after after certain use, thus you will want to care for it properly.

Plussino Telescopic Rod for Fishing

plussino-telescopic rod

Although the weight is not specified, rest assured, this is a pretty lightweight rod. This Plussino telescopic fishing rod is sensitive graphite black construction and has aluminium oxide guide inserts which means that it is very durable, especially for saltwater fishing.Plus, the stainless steel hooded reel seats is anti-seawater corrosion,thus no worries about having to replace that.

Budget wise, it is so affordable that it will surely appeal to all anglers, of all ages. This telescopic fishing rod is portable, and the closed length design is convenient for carrying around because it can fit into most backpacks. Here are some added information: Closed Length: 40cm 15.75 inch. Opened Length: 1.8M 5.91Ft; Section: 6; Top Diameter:2.3MM; Butt Diameter: 14MM.

It will also please you to know that there is an EVA Fore Grip for comfort, thus your hands are not likely to be strained. Moreover, not only does the pole part extend as you would expect, but just below the place to put the reel you can unscrew it and the pole extends farther out. This allows you to adjust how far you like the handle from the reel.

Unfortunately, there are no fishing reek and rod holder that is included, so you will have to purchase these separately but it does come with a black cloth bag. The only disadvantage will be that this product is not capable of handling huge fishes.

KastKing Telescopic Fishing Rod

kastking-rod for fishing

This telescopic fishing rod is slightly on the heavier side due to it’s metal construction. However, it is not heavy to the point where you feel overpowered and strained after a period of use. In terms of durability, this item takes the trophy for extreme durability.

Simply because, it is made of high density 24 ton carbon fiber and E-Glass composite for great power and sensitivity and can deadlift up to 10 pounds. Also, the exquisite reel seat is made of corrosion resistant CNC machined aluminium and the manufacturers have been so kind as to present you with a one-year recreational fishing warranty! To top it all off, it is very budget friendly as well.

This item is convenient for even daily use because it comes with three point welded stainless steel guides with ceramic inserts for use with braided or mono fishing line that provide saltwater corrosion resistance. It retracts easily and is portable enough to fit easily into a car trunk, boat hatch or backpack. Since it collapses down easily, you don’t have to take it apart or worry about loosing pieces.

Moving on to the disadvantages, there is only one and that is, even though the rod is nice and solid, the welds on the pole rings tend to break within the first few times of use.

Supertrip Telescopic Fishing Rod

supertrip-telescopic fishing pole

With a weight of 300 grams, this fishing pole is very lightweight and absolutely easy to handle. You will be pleased to know that this telescopic rod is just as durable as it looks in the image.It is very sturdy , due to it being made out of carbon fiber and alloy and can be used to tackle huge fish which is a plus point!

The highly rigid fluted disc and steel rack bar transmission structure enables it to work smoothly and help get fish without strained effort. Also,all the interval parts have been toughened and it has a gear durability twice as higher than that of the industry standard. This item here will be lasting you for a long time.

Budget wise, it is on the slightly pricier end, but hey, it still performs very well, so you may want to consider it as an investment. Let us talk about the convenience,it’s portable closed length design is designed especially to make it convenient for carrying around and it also comes with a pad for comfortable holding.

This product is worth every penny because it comes with a reel( front drag) as well and it is of high quality. Here are some extra information: | Max Drag 19.84LB/9KG | Gear Ratio 5.5:1| There is also a 12 month warranty provided.

As for the disadvantages, the only being that the rod assembly is a little loose so you will have to continuously retighten and add tape to prevent the threads from slipping loose again.

Fishing Gear Plus Telescopic Fishing Rod

fishing-gear-pole for fishing

We wanted to make this article as age friendly as possible, thus we have included a suitable telescopic fishing rod for the little ones whom have a passion for fishing. At 9.6 ounces, little kids will have no trouble at all in carrying and holding up the rod. Despite it being made especially for kids, this product is actually pretty durable, thus even if it were to fall or be knocked onto something, it will still hold up pretty well.

We know how clumsy children get when they are excited. It is very affordable and will turn up to be the best gift for a child whom is interested in some real fishing. This portable telescopic rod and compact reel combo extends to 5 feet 3 inches and is the ultimate in convenience and not to mention, it is very easy to assemble.

The great design enables the fishing pole to to be compacted into 15 inches to give way for easy storage and for on the go packing. It is also super comfortable for a child’s hands and it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee,thus the manufacturers will replace or refund with no questions asked. And for the cherry on top, this product comes with everything your child needs to get started, such as floats and hooks– no extras necessary!

And with that being said, your child is ready to do some real fishing. The only disadvantage is that some of the other parts on the rod are not as well made, thus they may come off or break, but as a starter kit for a young child, this is a good choice.


These are the top 5 best telescopic fishing rods. Good luck in finding one that suits your individual needs and have fun!