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Best Tree Climbing Stick Review 2018

Although climbing sticks can really aid your potential to see in the forest, you still need to be able to find a good hunting spot where the animals moving around there is dense.

A tree stick is just a means to get you up onto a tall tree for scouting. It would be much better if you can get a hang-on stand for more mobility on the top.

One thing to remember, using a stick to aid you with climbing or a tree stand will only be as good as how you position yourself in the forest. There are many factors to successful hunting such as finding the right location with good density of deer in the forest.

Why do you need this?

Tree sticks for climbing basically aid you to get on top of trees to a platform ideally to help you scout the terrain. Of course, you would need a good gun to shoot your target too but having a stick can really give you that extra edge.

If you find spotting animals difficult for you especially when you are on higher ground, maybe you would want to consider binoculars that provides clear, distant vision for spotting near objects and spotting scopes to look at a far sight. If you are still not convinced, please have a look at the article here which shows how important binoculars are.

Best 5 climbing sticks comparison table

These are the 5 top rated climbing stick around at the market. Feel free to take a quick glance on the specifications to make your informed decision.

ProductNumber of stepsWeight capacityWidth of stepsTree Braces DiameterweightPrice
Guide Gear Climbing Stick5300 lbs.4" 4"23 lbs. $
Lone Wolf Climbing sticks3350 lbs.15"4" to 22"21 lbs.$$$$
3-Pk. Guide Gear Quick Sticks 3300 lbs4"4"22 lbs.$
Big Dog Double-step 10300 lbs.4" sidesinnedextendable25.8 lbs.$$
Swiftree Double Step 4260 lbs.6"8" to 20"20 lbs. $$$

Guide Gear 20′ Climbing Stick

This is a product by Guide Gear. Basically, Guide Gear has manufactured tree mounting sticks which are 20 inches and 25 inches in length.

Firstly, the Guide Gear sticks for climbing has many uses such as letting you be able to mount yourself up some trees just to trim some leaves or even to scout on an animal. It is also extremely strong and stable to be used on a tree stand. Also, it is especially convenient for backwoods hunting if you are a fan.

As for the construction of this product, it is very strong because it is made from heavy steel-construction.

Not only that, the Guide Gear 20 inches climbing stick is made up of five sections which measures 4 inches in length.  Actually, the sections are separated to provide for better portability and easier storage.

Shedding some more light into the specification, the Guide Gear portable sticks has sturdy angled steps which is equipped with 4 inches of tree braces, all to make your way up the tree even more stable. Not to mention the Cam buckle system which attaches your stick to the tree very securely and very stealthily. Also, it is really easy to climb too. For maximum attachment, it follows the curvature of the trees while getting attached.

More on the physical part, this Guide Gear product weighs about 23 lbs. and can hold on to about 300 lb of capacity. The pin joints are also sufficiently flexible to cater for slight changes in your intended climbing direction. This would make it all easier if you still do not know the best hunting spot and want to change your direction on the tree.

Since the tree stand weighs relatively light, you need very little effort to carry the tree stand through the woods. Talk about portable, it is also really easy to assemble and be put in place to be ready for action. I would recommend this tree stand if you want to avoid hauling a bulky ladder stand from place to place in a remote area. Having a portable climbing aid and a hang-on stand will make things much easier.

Moreover, when the Guide Gear stick is fastened to the tree, it will provide you with an extremely solid feel. You will definitely be able to climb up the tree in a stable and safe way the whole time. You will also be extremely pleased with how this portable stick will take the shape of the trees and how the straps can cling securely on the tree. The piece of tubing which is welded flat across the bottom of the climbing stick will prevent the sticks from digging into the ground.

Furthermore, it would be a cinch to assemble the climbing stone as all of the holes can easily line up without no problem at all. A word of warning, never forget to install your straps properly when you want to assemble the mounting stick on a tree or anything similar. You can just assemble it on the ground and then it can just stand up.

The Guide Gear Climbing Stick are especially for you if you are constantly on the move because these sticks are portable and sturdy. You can be sure that you will be up on that tree in no time.

There is also a method where you can strap off the bottom climbing stick to be fixed at the top so that you can easily work your way up the tree. It will be wise if you can wear your full body harness while you are climbing the tree too! Since you do not want to risk yourself to an unnecessary injury, make sure that you handle this product with care especially by wearing your safety harness.

Make sure that you do not commit the mistake of putting the peg at the same side. It will be a lot of a hassle to climb up if it is on the same side of the leg. You would also have to follow a certain procedure to set up the Guide Gear Climbing Stick before use. Do not bring them to the woods mindlessly! There is also an alternate climbing pattern present in utilizing this climbing aid. I would encourage you to mark the position of your left and right foot on the stick before use. It will just take about 5 minutes for you to set it up.

Other disadvantages include more fragile sticks where the braces may easily bend when you are hanging from the tree stick. If you plan to carry more weight or you are opting for a thicker tree then this stick might be a bit of a problem. The only thing that prevents the braces of the stick from bending is a bolt.

Just to conclude, this is a really simple made product but it is extremely practice which performs its function of getting you up a tree perfectly. The Guide Gear 20 inch stick would definitely be worth it to buy especially with the cheap price. You can save a lot of money by just purchasing this tree stand!

Lone Wolf 4 – Pc. Climbing Stick

This is a really quality-made product which is manufactured by Lone Wolf Treestands. Lone Wolf has really good reputation for their products because all of them are purely made in the United States of America.

First and foremost, the Lone Wolf Climbing sticks is made with 3 pieces of solid steps and you would be given four sets of climbing sticks to aid your climbing process. It is really suitable for big game hunting as you get a good oversight of the domain. If you are a person who loves to move around, these product are well-suited for you because they are really light weight which makes it very portable. Not only that, it is really easy to set up and take them down form a tree too.

With these sturdy tree sticks, you do not need to even worry about your exerted weight because these sticks can hold up to an amazing amount of load. You would not need to worry about falling off as well.

Now, you can hunt quietly with this climbing aid because they are so-called stealth strips which are really quiet and simple to put it up and take down from a particular tree.

Moreover, since the Lone Wolf Climbing sticks can be used in a very quick, quiet and easy manner, you can be sure that it is possible to climb trees in a nimble way. They are made in a single tube design for more sturdiness too. Once this product is fastened onto the tree, you can be sure that you will be very secure climbing up the tree.

Talk about convenience, this product even features reversible steps for you to descend from the tree once you are up there.

Furthermore, the Lone Wolf Climbing sticks in really well designed which makes it capable of nesting together and mounting directly on a treestand. The treestand is more compatible on the Assault treestand and the Alpha Hang On treestand which you have to purchase separately.

Not only that, the Lone Wolf Climbing sticks has pivoting V-brackets which can be adjusted to match the curvature of the tree to ensure maximum grip is exerted by the sticks.

Talking more about the feature, it sticks can fit a tree with a diameter of 4 inches to 22 inches where straps extension are also available too. It also has a 350 pound weight rating. You can be sure that these hunting sticks are much lighter than all of the steel stands. To be more specific, each stick weighs around 2.5 pounds and 7.5 pounds per set of the three included.

Going more in-depth, the Lone Wolf Climbing sticks has a stick length of 32 inches where the distance between each step would be 15 inches.

If you are concerned about hauling the Lone Wolf tree sticks to the forest, it only weighs about 2 ½ lbs. per stick.

The drawback of this product is that it is only easy to use if you use it on a fairly straight tree. Like most of the climbing sticks, setting then up on a relatively crooked tree would be quite a hassle and require some thought. Also, this climbing stick is made only with single step. If you feel that standing on the half inch wide step is uncomfortable, you can even equip it with a screw-in step.

On the ending note, you will not be disappointed buying this premium climbing stick because its set-up is extremely good which makes it really easy for climbing. Also, it is also extremely durable which makes it usable for a long period of time.

3 – Pk. of Guide Gear Quick Sticks

This is another product by Guide Gear. Guide Gear constructed this quick sticks to fit accordingly to the Sportman’s Guide specification. Guide Gear is known to be the most dependable manufacturer which provides products with long-lasting quality and the products are unmatched for the value it brings. This is one of the more economical product you would want to get if you are tight in budget. Usually, one would get 3 sets of 3-pk. Guide Gear Quick Stick to get up a decent sized tree which is already included in the package.

With the Guide Gear Quick Sticks, you can climb up to your intended destination relatively fast. With this, you can have a panoramic view of the whole forest, giving you a head start on new targets. If you find spotting animals difficult for you, maybe you would want to consider binoculars for spotting near objects and spotting scopes to look at a far sight.

To give a rough guideline, with one of the 3-Pk. Guide Gear Quick Sticks you can go up to 12 inches to 14 inches higher and get a better look around the area or even just to reach your hang-on stand.

Moreover, the 3-Pk. Guide Gear Quick Sticks has a length of 32 inches. The stealthy compact design of this quick stick is amazingly tree friendly too, you do not need to worry about harming the tree.

Furthermore, just by buying the Guide Gear Quick Sticks you can save a lot of money considering the good performance it provides with the amount of cost incurred. They don’t call this quick sticks for nothing. You can get up the tree really quickly where you can get up the trees like a squirrel with training.

In terms of stability, the 3-Pk. Guide Gear Quick Sticks has a strong welded tubular steel construction on the bottom to provide more sturdiness. The surface of the Quick Sticks is even made with anti-slip and double-step design to make sure you will not fall off. Talking about the sturdy construction, the 3-Pk. Guide Gear Quick Sticks even comes with double rungs where the rung will be placed on each side instead of being like other climbing sticks which has alternating rungs.

Not only that, there is even a quick and secure strap-on which you can easily attach it to a tree on one particular section. With all of these security functions, the 3-Pk. Guide Gear Quick Sticks can support up to 300 lbs. of weight. All you have to do is stick it to the right place and voila, you get to scout in the most efficient way possible! There is massive sturdiness as the quick sticks are heavily made from full-metal.

The 3-Pk. Guide Gear Quick Sticks is not only sturdy to climb on but also very easy to be fixed on the tree for climbing with no worries. Even if you weigh a little more, these quick sticks has straps and a tubular steel construction in place to support your weight.

One more thing, the 3-Pk. Guide Gear Quick Sticks is adjustable too. When you refined your skill in climbing, you can move the quick sticks further apart for a faster and more challenging climb. It is rather simple to set up on a tree and really easy to take it down too!

Also, a grip tape is included which can be used to increase the grip on your feet and there is a dark powder finish in the climbing stick. Even if you want to leave them out in the icy cold snow, it will not be a problem for these quick sticks.

Moving on to the overall structure of the 3-Pk. Guide Gear Quick Sticks, it is made with a stealthy compact design which is also compact in size which is necessary to line-up on the surface of the tree while still being able to provide the double-step design for you to ascend and descend safely.

A word of advice, you would want to take one level at a time especially when you just start off with the hunting stick. You should not mess with the screw-in steps too because it may engender the quick steps to break off easily which will cause injury to you and to the tree itself. One more drawback which is common among climbing stick at this price which is the heavier weight because of the heavy steel construction.

It would be better if you could tighten the straps on the Quick Sticks too and wear a safety harness. That being said, it is better safe than sorry!

Another downside of this quick stick is that one set of it will only cover to about 15 feet of height. In the long run, the bolts will also tend to loosen up and bend although they are tightly fitted on the tree.

Just a brief conclusion, the 3-Pk. Guide Gear Quick Sticks is a top-seller in the market and it offers great performance with very little cost. If you are confident with climbing, you can definitely get this stick and you can easily go about 14 to 15 feet which is really good because this climbing sticks are priced very good.

Big Dog 20′ Double-Step Climbing Stick

This is a quality product manufacture by Big Dog Treestands.

To start off, the Big Dog Double-step climbing stick is constructed from steel to provide more support. There are even angled double steps which are necessary for easier climbing. If you are still scared of falling, there is even extended tree braces which can equip you for safe climbing on any tree.

The steps basically come in 5 which are pinned and measure 4 inches for each section. The climbing stick weighs about 0.27 pounds while the size has a dimension of 12.4” x 6.3” x 6.3”. The total package on the other hand will weigh around 20.7 pounds.

The double-step climbing sticks are 20 inches long and they are combined with angled double steps for more grip. Apart from that, it has extended tree braces for easier climbing which is secured with five looped button straps on the sticks. These tree sticks are extremely durable too, you can be sure to use them for years to come.

Also, you can find that a double set foot peg would be much better than alternating pegs in terms of installation of the sticks. With the combination of angled double steps, extendable tree brace and even the provision of looped button straps, you can bet you will get up and down the tree very safely with ease.

Moreover, the Big Dog Double-step tree stick is made from steel and it is rock solid! In other words, they are definitely ready to hold on to a big amount of weight.

Furthermore, this product has welded steps which are on both sides which measures about 4 inches in both sections. To make you even safer in climbing, the climbing stick comes with a secured and solid button strap.

The amount of carry weight for the Big Dog Double-step climbing stick is 25.8 lbs. while the maximum load capacity for the climbing stick is 300 lbs.

One word of warning is that this climbing stick does not have ratchet straps and no top piece. Basically, the top piece will end with an eight-inch crimp which would be better off with one more extension.

Hence, you have to be careful when you are to stand on top of this stick. But this downside can be its advantage where you can add an additional section for better climbing. This can be extremely beneficial if you think you need to be higher up off the ground.

Without a top piece, it will be very dangerous if you stay there for too long and no extension is added. There is a possibility which you may fall down while climbing the sticks.

You can get a ratchet strap for the climbing stick so that you can be on the side loading it while getting the stand in and out. Having a ratchet strap will further secure your product. One more thing is that since the product is made of steel, they may rust a little in the long-term. Remember to paint them to reduce the chances of your product corroding.

To conclude, the Big Dog Double-step hunting stick is an extremely quality product which can work very well. The price is reasonably cheap as well for this high quality product.

Summit Swiftree Double Step – 22 Ft

This is a quality product manufactured by Summit Treestands.

To begin, the Summit Swiftree Double Step has a maximum height of 22 feet which is relatively high. The weight limit on this tree stick is 260 lbs. Even 21 feet is already good enough for you to put a platform and scout safely.

Not only that, the Swiftree Double Step will provide sure footing for more security. This sure footing is due to the unique enclosed steps on each climbing stick. Not only that, this product are really easy for installation too. It comes in a set of 4 steel steps in each section. With this

Moreover, each step of the Swiftree Double Step is designed to help prevent your boots from slipping off from the side which will cause a lot of unnecessary pain. Since the sticks are also bigger in size, it can allow for easier entry which can accommodate larger sized boots which are usually insulated for colder weather.

Furthermore, this double steps also have two welded steps which are located side-by-side at the top of each step to provide more surface which is needed for easier movement. A more stable platform is also made which is needed for aligning and hanging the next section of steps or other accessories. Each step has a width of about 6 inches.

One more good point about the Summit Swiftree Double Step is that the steps are not a hazard when you fall off onto the ground. Even so, you do not have to worry so much because the design of this double step will leave very slim chances of slipping off from the foot holds. There is almost no-way  you can fall off these climbing sticks unless of course, the external factors.

In addition, the Summit Swiftree Double Step are also really light weight and you can pack them easily which makes them really portable too.

Warning, you should actually replace the straps with ratcheting straps first for more safety. It is generally much easier for you to set this climbing stick up with your buddy which will make things much easier and it will take less time. It would be great if you can use the ratchet strap with the strap which is already provided on the bottom rung of this product.

And you should make sure you get a relatively straight tree to use this product. You do not want the insert point to a bent tree because it will cause the sticks to be wobbly and which may eventually fall off. Picking a straight tree would be ideal for holding the sticks on firmly.

If you use this climbing aid on a oddly shaped trunk, most probably you will fall off.

Just to conclude, the Summit Swiftree Double Step are one of the best in the market providing you with stability and safety while ascending or descending from a tree. Really quality materials which is lightweight, making it much easier to transport and even set up. I would recommend this product too if you are interested to keep your big feet from slipping!

Top 5 specifications to look for in a climbing stick

It is said that the way that you wander around the woods is the way you should choose your climbing stick. With this said, to me, the most important criteria are as stated below to make sure you have a good and safe experience while you climb up the tree to scout.

Safety Features

You have to ask this question: How long can the tree stick hold onto the bark of the tree? Making sure that the climbing stick can carry a lot of weight is important. Remember, you will not go up the stand with just your clothes, you may even need binoculars, air rifles which is one of the most effective and humane hunting technique and even recurve bows which are better for an accurate shot which are all necessary for hunting.

In this case, you should make sure that the pin joints are very stable ensuring there is no wobbling at all. Even the straps have to be checked for the tightness and firmness which are all necessary to keep you up there safely

Comfort of use

Firstly, I think it is important that you know how to properly use the tree stand stick first. You can learn it through proper training and practice. Basically, it is to get you to the destination you want which is on top of the tree. Determine the height of the climbing stick as the longer the climbing stick, the more it will weigh.

Next, knowing your purpose of having it would really determine which product you have to purchase. You have to know whether you are using a climbing or a non-climbing tree stand which really depends on your individual preference.


It would be great if there is a tree mounting stick which finds a balance between light weight and sturdy materials.

The material used to make the tree mounting stick should be solid and durable because all of it requires different kind of care. For steel, you are required to paint it and make sure it will not rust which is essential for the durability of a steel tree stand. For a plastic one, you have to take note of the weight you put on top of the sticks as they may be more fragile. Choosing the right material is important and having the best material might cost a pretty penny.

Weight Limit

The amount of weight your product can exert should be a determinant on which tree stick you choose as well. Find out how much things you would want to carry to the top of the tree with you and make good assumptions and estimations by that as it can save you from a lot of hassle.

It would not be pleasant if your tree climbing stick broke half-way when you have climbed 20” high! Make sure the material are sturdy enough to hold your weight but light enough for you to bring it around.


Having the best tree stick basically all comes down to how it can bring you high enough so that you can stare down on a buck with ease. There are many different climbing sticks with different height level. You can choose the perfect height which is really based on your own preference.


The top rated climbing sticks are really important to ensure that you do not get a sore bottom at the end of the day! Make sure you get a solid and secure product to scout the area safely. Which products do you think is the best in the market? Please share your views in the comment boxes below.