Best Trolling Motor for Kayaks & Canoes: Freshwater & Saltwater Models

Kayaking is one of my favorite ways to get outside and enjoy nature. As an avid fisherman, nothing beats a quiet morning of paddling and fishing on the lake: just me, the birds, and the fish below.

Today I want to talk about trolling motors. These little guys are the perfect accessory to help you get to and from your fishing hole quickly, while also offering the flexibility to quietly paddle the rest of the way into your spot. 

Suppose you have a favorite spot that, by paddling, can take a good hour or longer to arrive. With a trolling motor, you can cover alot of ground much quicker, and the quietly paddle the remaining distance so as not to disturb the fish. It’s a perfect situation because more time can be spent on fishing!

What makes a trolling motor so unique? It is basically a self-contained unit that is equipped with a propeller, electric motor and controls so you are able to maneuver your kayak. You are also able to adjust the speed to either low, medium, or high. The best trolling motor for kayak is durable and of high quality that offers superior power and performance.

The factors affecting its performance are weight/size, type of battery, shaft size and type of mounting. You need to keep in mind that the size of the motor should be suitable to accommodate the boat. It should have proper battery requirements (trolling motor batteries), either using a deep cycle or marine battery for optimum performance.

Top 7 Rated Best Kayak Trolling Motor Comparison Table

Name of ProductWeightThrust LevelShaft LengthPrice
Coleman Electric Trolling Motor
7.2 lb18 lb18.5 inch$$$
Newport Vessels NV-Series 36 lb Trolling Motor
18.5 lb36 lb30 inch$$$
Minn Kota Endura C2 55 Motor
30.6 lb55 lb42 inch$$$
Newport Vessels 55 lb Motor
23.2 lb55 lb30 inch$$$
Minn Kota Endura C2 30 Freshwater Mounted Motor
25 lb30 lb30 inch$$
Outsunny 12V Transom Mounted Motor
24 lb50 lb34.5 inch$$$
Minn Kota Traxxis 55 SC Trolling Motor
29 lb55 lb42 inch$$$

Coleman Electric Trolling Motor

The Coleman motor is able to accommodate Sevylor and other boats or kayaks with transom motor mount fittings. So, it is hand-operated as well as basically mounted at the back transom of your fishing boat. Also, this product is suitable to be utilized with the Sevylor 12V rechargeable battery, or any deep cycle or marine batteries that is able to gradually discharge electricity for long hours.

Moreover, it weighs 7.2 pounds with product dimensions of 6.29 inch x 32.68 inch x 12.2 inch. The low weight and compact size are compatible with small kayaks. That being said, it is suitable to support 2 person, but that depends on the weight and size of your kayak. Too much weight on the other hand will just damage the motor in the long run.

It comes with a plastic bracket for transom mount. You can choose to mount the motor to either the usual transom or the boat eyelets if equipped. Mounting it to the bow eyelet is simple to operate especially with the included stainless steel tube with plastic fittings to make this type of mounting possible.

In other words, there are two types of mounting positions offered in which you can choose according to your preference. Just keep in mind that, it can only be mounted on the bow if the kayak is equipped with bow eyelets.

Apart from that, this product includes battery connector clips so you can connect the deep cycle or marine battery to the motor with ease and a good connection. Its 2 blade propeller on the other hand is solid and strong hence won’t break easily when in contact with strong impact. It also doesn’t snag on weeds hence ensuring that your ride is smooth-sailing.

In addition to that, the motor provides up to 18lb of thrust. Hence, it is suitable to be used with small boats or kayaks. Too much weight will just damage your motor sooner or later. Hence, the built-in motor should be attached to a compatible boat to ensure its durability.

It comes with 2 forward and 2 reverse speeds. Both of the forward and reverse speeds can be adjusted to either high or low according to your preference. The reverse operation is not as smooth as the forward operation because the most propellers are designed to propel your boat forward. Also, it has a rugged black finish.

Equipped with an 18.5 inch aluminium shaft, you are allowed to make various height adjustments whether you want it high, low or deeper into the water. It is best if you oil the moving parts to ensure they operate smoothly. Not only that, the fitting with the boat may be a little unstable so you should either get a good motor mount or make do with the ones you have.

  • Transom and bow mount
  • 18 lb of thrust
  • 2 forward + 2 reverse speeds
  • 5 inch aluminium shaft

Newport Vessels NV-Series 46 lb Trolling Motor

This stainless steel hardware is suitable for both saltwater and freshwater use. It is constructed from sturdy alloys such as zinc, aluminium as well as stainless steel to ensure that it is fully saltwater resistant. Some parts of the motor on the other hand are made of high quality plastic that is solely impervious to salt and corrosion.

However, it is always good to rinse it off with water after each time of use in saltwater areas as extra precaution. A small step that wouldn’t even take a minute might benefit you in the long run in terms of durability of your product.

Furthermore, it is equipped with a 30 inch shaft with composite fiberglass high-strength characteristic, paired up with a heavy duty nylon mount. The shaft is strong and sturdy therefore able to resist strong impacts without breaking hence contributing to its durability. Its handle on the other hand has a tilt feature so you can tilt it completely out of water when not in use for instance.

Weighing 20 pounds, this trolling motor is built to be powered by a 12 V deep cycle or marine battery. Nevertheless, the battery is not included so you should get it separately at the nearest fishing store. At the highest speed, it will consume 248 Watts whereas the battery outputs 29 Amps.

This product comes with a transom mount. It is rather multipurpose as it can accommodate the Newport Vessel inflatable boats and other fishing boats with different brands such as kayaks, dinghies, pontoon boats and others.  Not only that, it has a 46 lb thrust power so it can fit small boats of around 500 pounds or so approximately. The higher the thrust power, the more weight it can withstand.

Besides that, this motor is equipped with a 5 point LED battery meter and a 6 inch telescoping handle. The 5 point blue LED lights indicates how much battery is left meanwhile the telescoping handle allows you to maneuver your boat. The LED lights are clear during day and night for your added convenience.

The motor head is strong and fully encapsulated as it is designed to withstand strong impacts from hardcore boating or underwater rocks. Not only that, it has 8 different speeds to choose from which consists of 5 forward and 3 reverse speed for smooth and easy control of your kayak. It operates on 12 V DC current.

The mounting brackets on the other hand can be adjusted upwards, downwards and 180 degrees on the shaft for your convenience. Also, the wires from the control head to the terminal measures 48 inches.

  • 46 lb thrust
  • 8 speeds (5 forward+3 reverse)
  • 30 inch solid shaft
  • 5 point LED battery meter
  • Telescoping handle

Minn Kota Endura C2 55 Trolling Motor

Minn Kota C2 55 motor is equipped with a 6 inch telescoping handle as well as a tilt twist filler for ergonomic and efficient steering and speed control. The handle works by hand control, in which you can use to maneuver the kayak with the comfortable and convenient steering.

In addition to that, the lever lock brackets that comes upon the purchase of this product offers rock solid mount, compared to the conventional brackets in the market. Not only that, this trolling motor features the patented Weedless Wedge 2 propeller that can fight through heavy vegetation and weed in the water.

It operates on a DC voltage of 12V. Besides that, it can be transom-mounted in freshwater areas with a thrust level of 55 pounds. Hence, it is able to accommodate larger boats compared to the ones with thrust power lower than 40 pounds. The motor is mounted at the back of the boat and is hand-operated.

This product comes with a 42 inch shaft with adjustable height. You can make adjustments to it whether you want it to ride higher or lower in the water according to your preference. Also, it has great impact resistance so it won’t break easily when in contact with rocks and weeds underwater.

Moreover, it has a cool and quiet power that comes in handy as it maximizes the shelf life of your battery and doesn’t spook fishes. Your main purpose for the trolling motor is for fishing, hence a quiet motor is important that your fishes don’t really notice your presence above.

The large windings, brushes and commutators generates less heat and therefore, noise. In other words, its unique bearing system provide rpms and high torque to cut down on the noise, hence producing a noiseless motor for your added convenience.

This motor comes with 8 speeds altogether which consists of 3 reverse and 5 forward speeds to ensure the smooth operation of your motor with maximum control. Its indestructible composite shaft on the other hand has a lifetime warranty, meanwhile the motor is backed by 2 years of warranty.

The 2 blades on the propeller are flared and swept-back to ensure smooth propelling to the water, amidst the heavy vegetation and weeds underwater. The special composite materials in this product ensures that it resists warping, flexing or UV damage. Also, it is rather easy to dismount after use.

  • 42 inch adjustable shaft
  • Cool and quiet power
  • Lever lock brackets (transom-mounted)
  • 55 lb thrust power
  • 6 inch telescoping handle

Newport Vessels 55 lb Trolling Motor

This product includes a 30 inch high-strength shaft with composite fiberglass construction, paired together with a heavy duty nylon mount. The shaft’s height is fully adjustable. That being said, you can move it upwards or downwards according to your depth preference.

You can also adjust the tilt angle of the motor so it can be fully raised up during cleaning or no use. It features 8 speeds in total which consists of 5 forward as well as 3 reverse speeds for versatility. Operating on 12 V DC current, it allows for an easy and smooth controlled operation.

Furthermore, this trolling motor is equipped with a durable aluminium head and a 6 inch telescoping handle so you are able to maneuver the boat with ease. A total power of 624 Watts is required for this motor to function. It will go about 6 hours at low speed, so at higher speed conventionally, it should last lesser than 6 hours logically!

This stainless steel hardware allows for both saltwater and freshwater use. However, it is best if you rinsed the motor off with water upon use to minimize any risk of it undergoing corrosion hence contributing to the durability of your product.

Since it has a thrust power of 55 lb, it is adaptable to fit all types of boats whether small or large (inflatable boat included). However, keep in mind not to overload the boat with too much weight that the 55 lb thrust cannot handle, to ensure the longevity of your motor. The recommended charger on the other hand is the 12 V deep cycle or marine battery for optimum performance.

Besides that, you can adjust the tilt angle of the motor. That being said, it can even be fully raised up or out of the water for towing or no use for your added convenience. The motor on the other hand is tough and impact resistant so it can fight through weeds and sharp rocks underwater with minimal damage (just scratches probably) on the shaft.

It is rather quiet and smooth so you don’t give away your presence to the fishes underwater. In addition to that, it has an excellent battery meter feature. In other words, the battery meter is displayed using small green LED lights for easy and clear day and night viewing of the battery levels.

Unfortunately, this product has no clicks at speed changing intervals, from the smallest forward speed to the highest (1 to 5) for instance. Hence, you might not know which speed you are at or even if it is off, since the motor is soundless. However, the new batches of this product are improved so you don’t have to worry.

  • 30 inch shaft
  • 6 inch telescopic handle
  • Stainless steel hardware (saltwater resistant)
  • Quiet and smooth operation

Minn Kota Endura C2 30 Freshwater Mounted Motor

This freshwater mounted motor comes with a 30 inch sturdy shaft, in which its height is adjustable according to your preference, whether you want it to ride higher or lower in the water. Also, its indestructible composite shaft is backed by a lifetime warranty whereas the motor has 2 years of warranty.

It consists of 8 varying speeds altogether. There are 5 forward and 3 reverse speeds to ensure smooth and easy propelling of your boat. That being said, the reverse speeds are not as efficient as the forward ones as because the propellers are mainly designed to bring your boat forward.

Though stated freshwater in its specifications, it can be used for both saltwater and freshwater operation. However, keep in mind to always rinse the motor off after each use since salt is corrosive. This one simple step will ensure the longevity of the motor and extends its life.

Apart from that, the included lever lock bracket offers rock solid mount of your motor onto your kayak for maximum convenience. The 6 inch telescoping handle with tilt twist tiller on the other hand comes in handy for ergonomic steering as well as speed control. You just need to maneuver it using your bare hands.

It operates on 12 V and is transom-mounted on any boat. That being said, it comes with a thrust level of 30 lb, hence it is best if you utilize this product on small boats that doesn’t take up much weight.  The cool and quiet motor on the other hand maximizes the shelf life of your battery as well as prevents the spooking of fish.

However, this trolling motor doesn’t come with battery or circuit breakers so you should buy them separately to ensure the best performance of your motor. Get either a deep cycle or marine battery to ensure constant discharging of electricity for long periods.

In terms of efficiency, it is very energy efficient as the battery doesn’t deplete fast. In fact, it can run 4 hours and still have at least 50 % of the battery left. The controls on the other hand are simple including the telescoping, easy click speed and shaft tilt depth control.

The motor draws 30 Amps at full throttle hence Minn Kota recommends a battery with 105 AH (amp hours) marine/deep cycle battery to be utilized with this trolling motor for the best performance.

  • 30 inch shaft
  • 30 lb thrust level
  • Energy efficient
  • 8 speeds in total
  • Telescopic handle with tilt twist tiller

Outsunny 12V Transom Mounted Trolling Motor

Weighing 24 pounds, this trolling motor is fairly easy to attach to the back of your kayak. It should be transom-mounted at the back of your boat for convenience. Another plus point is that, you can adjust it to 10 varying positions using the lever lock bracket.

In other words, the lever lock bracket makes the installation a whole lot simpler and quicker. It is equipped with a telescopic handle that measures 6 inches. With the handle, you are able to maneuver and steer the boat according to your preference as well as depending on the destination you are heading to. The handle is also comfortable for improved steering.

In terms of control speed, this product has 3 reverse speed as well as 5 forward speed. You can change the speed whenever needed just by making simple adjustments. The reverse speed might not be as smooth as the forward speeds, however they serve their purpose fine. Just keep in mind that, your battery will tend to drain if you are forever at the fastest speed.

Furthermore, it is equipped with a composite shaft which approximately measures 34.5 inches. It is made from composite material so it can resist impacts of rocks as well as weeds underwater with ease without breaking, hence it is deemed durable.

This product is suitable for both freshwater and saltwater purposes. However, keep in mind to rinse your motor with water after use each time as a precaution to fully prevent corrosion and ensure the longevity of the trolling motor. The battery on the other hand does not come with the motor so you should get them separately at the nearest store.

The required power for the motor to function is 564W. It has a 50 pounds thrust level hence suitable to accommodate larger boats since it has a lot of power. Not only that, it is able to fit the weight capacity of 5 to 7 people with its maximum speed being, 6.5 km/h.

Besides that, it has 3 propeller blades for the boat to move around. The motor is rather quiet so you can enjoy your fishing experience as well as don’t spook the fishes out. Not only that, it is equipped with a LED indicator to display the battery level conveniently. Deemed energy efficient, the motor holds charge for a long time. You are able to use it a few times for 5 to 6 hours each and the battery miraculously remains at least 50%.

  • 50 lb thrust
  • Telescopic handle
  • 10 positions for lever lock bracket
  • 3 propelling blades
  • Energy-efficient

Minn Kota Traxxis 55 SC Trolling Motor

One plus point of this product is that it is equipped with the one-hand stow mechanism. It ensures that your motor gets in and out of the water in a jiffy. You just need to pull up and forward to stow. When it’s time to fish, you need to utilize the thumb release to deploy the Traxxis into any of its positions.

Furthermore, it can be transom mounted in freshwater areas, in which the motor is mounted at the back at the boat as well as hand-operated using the provided tiller. The tiller tilts up to an angle of 45 degrees. Not only that, it can extend upwards and downwards according to your preference.

That being said, it extends upwards to 6 inches in height as well as downwards for easy storage. Besides that, the quick lock depth adjuster feature allows you to make simple depth adjustments and locks in tight to keep your motor at the place you desire, for however long hence it comes in handy if you plan to fish at the same spot for long hours.

It has thrust level of 55 lb so it is able to accommodate larger boats with higher weight capacity. Apart from that, this product is very energy-efficient. This is mainly due to its digital maximizer technology that ensures that the battery runs 5 times longer on a single charge as well as reducing the heat generated. So, the battery won’t drain easily after a few rounds of long hours.

The digital battery indicator on the other hand is located on the right side of the motor head, in which you are able to check the battery levels. Not only that, this motor comes with a 42 inch shaft with adjustable height. Also, it has a limited warranty of 2 years so you can return it in that span if your product gets damaged.

The maneuvering handle has a new steering tension control so you can get a better hang of it when operating and setting the direction of your kayak. The blade propellers also includes the weedless wedge 2 feature which can take out heavy vegetation and weeds underwater with ease.

  • Digital Maximizer technology
  • 55 lb thrust
  • Quick Lock Depth Adjuster feature
  • Weedless weed 2 propeller
  • One-hand stow mechanism

Key Considerations for Purchasing a Kayak Trolling Motor


The weight and size of your kayak determines which type of motor you should buy-mainly the thrust level and voltage required in your motor. There are 3 types of varying voltage motors which are 12V, 24V and 36V.

Hence, if you have a big boat, you need a motor with a higher thrust level and operating voltage so it is able to accommodate the extra weight exerted by the boat and yourself. Overexerting too much weight over the weight limit will damage your trolling motor in the long run. For example, boats that have capacity of around 1500 pounds need at least a 30 pound thrust power to provide optimum performance.

Mount Type

There are two types of mounting which are the transom mount and the bow mount. Most motors are usually transom mounted because it is the easiest and most conventional way. For transom mount, you just need to mount the motor at the back of your boat. It is hand-operated hence you get to maneuver the boat using the telescopic handle with ease.

For the bow mount on the other hand, it is an expensive option compared to the transom mount option. You need to have the bow eyelets to mount your motor on the bow. For example, the Coleman trolling motor is equipped with the stainless steel tube with plastic fittings for the bow eyelet mounting.

One of the benefit of the bow mount is that you can operate it either using wireless control, your foot or your hand according to your preference. Also, it is said to have improved steering abilities and control.


It is important to invest in a durable trolling motor so it will able to last for a long time and is least likely to encounter problems. There are various type of motors out there designed for either freshwater or both freshwater and saltwater. This is because saltwater is highly corrosive and might corrode your trolling motor.

However, some of them are designed with sturdy stainless steel alloy hardware to ensure that it is saltwater resistant. Despite it being saltwater resistant, it is important to give it a rinse after use each time to ensure the longevity of your product.

The shaft on the other hand is always made using sturdy materials such as composite fiberglass. It should be strong since it will be underwater mainly. Its length on the other hand is usually around 30 to 50 inches. Hence, it should be impact resistant. The propeller should be tough, sturdy and also impact resistant as it needs to get through weeds and rocks underwater.


You should get a durable and top notch quality product to ensure smooth working operation of your boat. If the product has high ratings and is within your budget, you should totally go for it. Do not fret to spend a little extra bucks to get the best product as it will give you promising results as well as prevent any hassle in the long run.

To get the best one, you should do a little research to choose the one well-suited to you. For example, the thrust level is important and is determined based on the weight and size of your boat. So, check out product-based reviews and customer reviews to give you a clearer picture on your product.


You need to get a high quality trolling motor so it is able to maneuver your boat with the best performance. They are the main power source of your boat so you should ensure you get the best one. Make sure you choose the right one with the thrust power that suits the size of your boat for example, because overexerting heavy weights over the limit will damage your motor in the long run.

And don’t forget good batteries; either marine or deep cycle batteries to pair up with your motor. I hope my review assists you in making the right decision of product well-suited to you and your boat. Happy fishing and don’t forget to get your very own fishing vest and shoes!