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Best Video Camera for Hunting Reviews 2018

Hunting is a sure fire way to get your adrenaline pumping and your heart rate up. What better way to detach yourself from the daily stress of careers and such than indulging in a few hours outdoors with Mother Nature and scoring some game!Experiencing your very first hunt or even more crucial, obtaining your very first catch might be some of the most thrilling moments one could have!

Therefore, like most other important events in our lives, we would love to have them on tape or pictures, that can be watched as many times and serve as memories. With that being said, if you are interested in purchasing a video camera that will document your hunts, welcome you’ve come to the right place! Keep on reading to find out which is the best fit for you!Before we get into that, here are a few criterias that need to be considered.

Top video camera for hunting comparison table

  1. Durability is rated from very bad to very good
  2. Waterproofness is rated from very bad to very good
  3. Audio and visual is rated from very bad to very good
  4. Weight is rated from very light to very heavy
  5. Additional features is rated from very bad to very good

ProductsDurabilityWaterproofnessAudio & VisualWeightAdditional Features
Sony HDR CX-405AverageBadGoodLightVery Good
Powerlead Puto DigitalAverageBadVery GoodVery LightVery Good
Canon VIXIA G20 GoodAverageVery GoodVery LightGood
GoPro Video Very GoodVery GoodVery GoodVery LightGood
Samsung WB2200F GoodBadVery GoodHeavyVery Good

Sony HDR CX-405 Video Recording Camcorder Review

Update: This Sony Handycam camcorder creates a cinematic video in high definition with improved clarity, even in low light conditions. It features Clear Image zoom processor that produces new pixels for HD pictures and doubles optical zoom. This product comes with 10 items in total including a gadget bag, battery charger, cable, high speed memory card reader and LCD screen protector.

This product here seems durable enough and is able to go through every day use with little wear and tear, hence this is not a high maintenance product.The battery that comes with it typically lasts around 2-3 hours, if you’re constantly filming that is. If you are not, it will last much longer.

This camcorder here however is not waterproof, thus it is not suitable to be used during bouts of rain or mists. Despite so, it functions perfectly well in other weathers, so no worries there. Furthermore, it is built in with Optical SteadyShot image stabilization with Active mode which means no more blurry images or videos and hello crisp, clear footage.

It also comes with 60x clear image zoom that enables you to get closer to the action which is perfect if say, you would have to film wildlife that is at a distance away. Its ability to focus is great and even beginners will find using this camcorder a breeze. Different forms of lighting poses no problem for this camcorder.

The audio is pretty clear as well. In terms of weight, at 3.3 pounds this product is fairly light and very portable. Rest assured, carrying this on your hunting trips will not be a hassle at all. In terms of additional features, it comes with an additional battery, a sony sd card and a mini tripod stand which will aid in capturing good, still images.

Some of the disadvantages are that the instructions aren’t very clear and the menu setup is quite difficult to read. Thus, you may want to look up a few tutorials on Youtube or other websites. Another thing would be, is that there is no attachments for a microphone to produce an even better audio.

Powerlead Puto Digital Video Camcorder 

Update: GordVE’s latest product is dustproof, cold resistant and waterproof up to 10m. Its additional features include a TFT LCD screen with waterproof buttons and multiple scenes for better picture quality. The 5 Megapixels it has delivers crisp and clear images up to 8x digital zoom, together with a 5 MP CMOS sensor.

From the make of this model, its fairly easy to tell that it has a strong build and is quite sturdy, making it averagely durable. This product is also not waterproof so its best used for activities that does not include water. This camcorder here comes with 22 megapixel ensuring bright and sharp photos.

It plays a role in delivering HD videos as well. It comes with a wide angle and macro lens ( used for taking super close ups ) as well as standard lens. Moreover, it’s 3 inch LCD screen can be rotated to take selfies and videos without worrying about having to guess if the shot is right. The less hassle, the better!

This camcorder comes with a High Performance Optical Viewfinder which aids in not only accurate focusing by firmly capturing and framing the subject at hand but also lending an overall enhancement to the quality of the images. Hence, feel free to take as many artistic shots and footages of the wildlife as you’d like. There’s an optical zoom feature off 22x as well for short distances.

The weight is definitely one of the lightest, standing at 1.1 pounds! Perfect for long hunting trips. In terms of additional features, there are extra lenses, a battery, charger, faux leather bag and a built in flash which comes in handy if you need more light.

One of the downfall seems to be that the user manual is a little difficult to interpret and the camera tends to freeze some times.

Canon Vixia G20 Camcorder Review


Update: This camera is able to capture beautiful 1080p full HD video in MP4 format, equipped with stereo sound, with the Canon’s new DIGIC 7 image processor. Moreover, it features a 9-blade iris diaphragm and Battery IS-equipped lens.

This camcorder here is pretty durable and does not have a cheap feel to it, indicating that high quality materials were used for manufacture. It is powered by a high capacity battery pack that is easy to slip on and allows you to shoot for a long time and also indicates remaining battery time.In the aspect of it being waterproof, although the description clearly does not state it, it has been proven that this camcorder can still be used during mild downpours.

Looking at the audio and visual capabilities of this product, it is a pretty good all rounder. Simply because, the Advanced Zoom and SuperRange Optical Image Stabilizer feature corrects camera shake quickly and helps provide outstanding, steady video, no more blurry poor quality videos. Its Imaging Processor captures video at an amazing 1920 x 1080 resolution, thus expect nothing less than clear footage 100% of the time.

Its high resolution HD CMOS Image Sensor ensures beautifully lifelike HD video in natural colour.. In addition, you will also be able to record the video into a removable SD card, which is very convenient. Also, this product here allows you to use high capacity SDXC cards which can hold up to 2048 GB!

The Canon Camcorder also comes with a slow and fast motion feature allowing you to capture footage that suits the circumstances. Not forgetting to mention that the built in microphone and audio scene select has modes that come with optimized settings ideal for the intended shot resulting in clear, crisp audio.

There are 5 different filters to choose from.At 1.4 pounds, is is very lightweight and fits easily in your hands. Some of the additional features are extra battery, cables and computer adapter.

This camcorder comes with a few faults such as not being able to view the LCD screen easily in bright light and the low light performance is pretty average and not up to expectations.

GoPro Video Recording Camera Review

The description itself states that this product here is very durable and is designed to withstand extreme weather and conditions. Several trips to the forests will definitely do this product no harm. This video recording camera is waterproof, perfect for use in rainy conditions.

GoPro cameras are known worldwide for its immaculate image quality and this one here is no exception. It comes with features that enable you to capture high resolution shots and footage. Even underwater, the video turns out pretty impressive.

Its built in touch display lets you preview a shot to frame the scene perfectly and has a QuikCapture feature that starts recording automatically at the single press of a button, making it very convenient and easy to use. Moreover, you will also be able to create and save short highlight clips from videos and share them using the GoPro app.

Also the photos are able to be shot at 8 Megapixel and the burst mode shoots up to 5 photos in a second. That’s absolutely great! At o.28 pounds, it is very light and compact. Some of the additional features which are included: mounts, USB cable and battery.

The only shortcoming of this product is that the camera cannot be removed from the housing and the battery is not removable either.

Samsung WB2200F Camcorder Review

Due to its larger than normal body, this camera is both stable and durable. The feel of it has a professional quality and feels nice and sturdy. It doesn’t come with a waterproof feature unfortunately.

In terms of audio & visual, it has an Optical Sensor Resolutions at 16.3 megapixels( no flash needed in lowlight conditions), optical zoom of 60 x ( allowing you to capture even the smallest detail) and very high video resolution, all necessary towards capturing that perfectly clear image/footage. Its dual grip along with an additional shutter makes the camera very easy to hold and use.

Its intelligent LCD screen and Electronic Viewfinder enables you to preview shots and accurately frame them. You’re also able to automatically share whichever image/footage that is currently viewed. Not forgetting to mention that an expansive 20 mm wide end is perfect for panoramas. Its built in flash comes in useful and many situations.

This is a great camera for people that are just starting out and exploring and you’ll probably never have to buy another camera again because it has such extensive options and features. This camera is slightly on the bulkier side however, due to it having a strong and sturdy build. Its additional features are, cables, battery, power adapter, lens cap and quick start guide. The only drawback seems to be that the images and footage are not at high quality in lowlight.

Key Considerations when shopping for a Video Camera for Hunting


Now, since we are talking about the outdoors here where nothing really is predictable, you will want to get your hands on a video camera that is well built and of good quality. This is fairly important as you would not want it to get easily scratched and damaged by branches, or having the battery die every now and then, which will be very inconvenient. Also, you may be doing a lot of running and crouching, whereby it will be easy to lose grip of the video camera.

Hence, it should be able to sustain from a fall and this is where the quality of the glass used and outer make of the body is very important, which we shall be looking at later. Any video camera that feels very plastic and flimsy is surely not the right one for accompanying your hunting trip.

Is it Waterproof?

You certainly wouldn’t want a bit of rain to affect with the performance of your video camera, therefore choose one that is waterproof or even better weatherproof, which means that it can be used during all weather conditions, be it snow or fogs.

Although the ones that commonly come with this feature are slightly a bit more pricier, it is better to invest in something that you know will last a long time rather than one that gives out everytime upon the contact of water. Do know however, that there are video cameras that do not come with this feature but seem to work just fine during slight rainy conditions.

Audio and visual

Like any other normal video camera, you would of course expect clear vision and audio because lets be real, what fun is there in watching a footage that is blurry and has real bad audio? Exactly, none.

Therefore look out for features such as the ability to zoom and focus and good audio capturers so you can record the authentic sounds in the surrounding or even one of a person talking, which in this case the audio function needs to be perfect, to be able to catch each and every word clearly.


A video camera that is portable and light would the perfect choice as this is something you are going to be carrying around quite a bit after all. One that is bulky and will eventually tire your arms out are not a very good choice. Therefore, look for ones that are made out of light yet strong materials. If the item happens to come with a strap, even better for the weight can be evenly distributed.

Additional features

Some video cameras will come equipped with additional features that are meant to improve its ease of use and performance, such as timers, lights, mounts, casing and many more. So definitely keep a look out for those as it will surely benefit you.

Video cameras that have modern technology and is meant to enhance the experience of the users are a must have too!

ProductsDurabilityWaterproofnessAudio & VisualWeightAdditional Features
Sony HDR CX-405AverageBadGoodLightVery Good
Powerlead Puto DigitalAverageBadVery GoodVery LightVery Good
Canon VIXIA G20 GoodAverageVery GoodVery LightGood
GoPro Video Very GoodVery GoodVery GoodVery LightGood
Samsung WB2200F GoodBadVery GoodHeavyVery Good
  1. Durability is rated from very bad to very good
  2. Waterproofness is rated from very bad to very good
  3. Audio and visual is rated from very bad to very good
  4. Weight is rated from very light to very heavy
  5. Additional features is rated from very bad to very good


So there you have it! Some of the best video cameras out in the market that will be able to aid you on your hunting trips. Make sure to conduct a full research on a product before purchasing and find one that ticks most of the boxes on your checklist. Happy hunting!

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