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Best Women Hunting Boots Reviews 2018

Any experienced hunters would know that a good pair of hunting boots is a necessity and not an afterthought. A good pair of hunting boots can be the one thing that it takes to either make or break your hunting trip.

Whether it’s tracking your prey or standing still while waiting for your will-be trophy to walk into your trap, your feet plays an important part in both situations. Now imagine if your feet is trapped within a pair of non-waterproof, uncomfortable boots with no grip whatsoever. It’ll be a hell of a mess to get through, right?

The main problem: Trust me, it’s hard to look up for hunting boots for women reviews in the net. Most of the information out there are catered for men. Even our last post, “best waterproof hunting boots” is created for men in mind. Therefore, we put up this comprehensive guide to help you choose the best waterproof hunting boots for women.

Top 5 Rated women hunting boots review

We have gone through all the different products out there in the market and came up with our top 5 rated hunting footwear for women for you in hopes that you can use it to make a smart and informed decision when buying your hunting boots.

Helpful Hints: It would seem to be a fairly straightforward deal, however, that’s not the case. The first thing that you DO NOT want is to choose your hunting boots’ size based on your regular shoe size. You should always choose a size or half a size larger than your regular size, reason being that your hunting snow shoes should be able to fit your feet AND your hunting socks. Besides that, a well fitted footwear would be really uncomfortable or even painful during your break-in period.

Women Hunting Boots comparison table

Now as promised, here are 5 women hunting boots that we deem are the best out there. Just in case if you need a quick glimpse at the specifications of these top rated boots, we compile all their respective details in a comparison table to make things easier for you.

To benefit from the comparison table, these are a few things that you should know.

  1. Waterproof – Some products come with this feature depending on what material that they’re made of
  2. Grip – Grip is rated from very bad to very good
  3. Insulation – Insulation is rated from low to high
  4. Breathability – The breathability is rated from very bad to very good
  5. Price – All prices are quoted with $. Check them out in Amazon for the latest price.
ImageProductWaterproofGripInsulationBreathability Price
La CrosseLaCrosseYesVery GoodAverageAverage$$
Sorel Women Hunting BootsSorelYesGoodHighVery Good$$$
Bushnell Women Hunting BootsBushnellYesGoodLowGood$$
The Original MuckBoots Adult FieldBlazer Hunting BootMuck BootsYesGoodHighBad$
Irish Women Hunting BootsIrishYesGoodHighAverage$$

Good Hunting Boots Criteria

Before looking into individual product reviews, we would like to share with you the criteria we use to decide whether these boots would make it into our top 5 list.


Hunting always tend to have some degree of moisture involved, no matter what prey you are going after. Whether it’s walking through bushes of grass that are heavily laden with dew or passing through the swamps. All in all, your boots are going to get wet whether you like it or not. If your footwear is not waterproof, you and your feet are in for a terrible day during your hunt.

While walking in a pair of soaked shoes will be uncomfortable, there are worse to come. Leeches and other nasty insect are able to penetrate through it if your hunting boots are not waterproof.

Waterproof wears used to have a bad reputation for having poor air ventilation. But with the advancement of science and technology, most waterproof boots these often come with better air circulation.

Types of sole and lacing

An important consideration to make when selecting what sole you want is down to two things. Flexibility or support. Which one of between them do you need more? The insole and the outsole both work together to cradle your foot, supporting your arches and provide stability.

If your general hunting grounds involve a lot of slippery grounds or require you to hike uphill or downhill, then you might want to choose soles with better grip. While better gripping soles sound good on paper,it’ll also cause you to take more effort to move around flat ground due to the grip of your boots.

If you’re traveling light, it’ll be better for you to choose soles that provide lighter grip with more flexibility as it will be easier for you to keep your footing.

Lacing, generally every snow boots would have lacing that come up to your ankle. Ankle-height lacing provides a moderate amount of support without sacrificing movement so they are great for general purpose hiking or hunting.

Full-length lacing that often come with leather and rubber footwear are the ones that go all the way up to your calf. This kind of lacing provides a tremendous amount of support and stiffness which will somewhat restrict your mobility depending on your terrain.

However, it is generally recommended to choose this kind of lacing if your preferred terrain is uneven in nature or carrying heavy load as it provide more support than the ankle-height lacing and will prevent a lot of ankle-injuries.


Insulation is the factor in a pair of hunting boots’ property that affect warmth. So generally the higher the insulation, the warmer the footwear will be. This is an important factor to consider if your frequent hunting ground involves an abundance of snow or you’re hunting in the winter or even autumn.

The insulation that you require varies between your intended activity, for example, standing in a treestand in a 10 degree environment require more insulation than walking or stalking your prey.

All in all, the rule of thumb is that less insulation is required for a high level of activity while more insulation is needed when you’re doing sedentary activity.

Note: It’s important to know that a great pair of warm socks will be essential to complement your hunting boots.


Breathability is the ability for the air inside the shoes to circulate in and out of the shoes. As we mentioned in the waterproof section above, most waterproof footwear tend to have poor breathability due to the fact that most of them are largely made up of rubber. But as science and technology advances, most waterproof boots these days often utilize a mixture of rubber and fabric with membrane which allow water vapour and air to flow but not water.

Now, if your pair of boots has bad breathability then it will result in the condensation of water vapour due to sweat on the inner side of your boots. This will cause your socks to get wet if you were to wear the boots for a long period of time and cause discomfort to your feet.

Moreover, bad breathability will most likely result in bad odor as the sweat form are trapped within your footwear. If your prey is sensitive to smell, for example, deer, then you should be paying close attention to this aspect when purchasing your snow shoes.


The price of the boots are taken into account by us when reviewing these products. We’re here to make sure that you get nothing less of what you pay for. Ideally, you should be paying for boots that are long lasting. Of course, if you maintain and care for your boots regularly, you will be able to improve the shelf life of your boots.

LaCrosse Women’s Alphaburly Pro 15 Realtree APG Hunting Boot Review

La CrosseThe LaCrosse Women’s Alphaburly Pro 15 Realtree APG Hunting Boot will be a great buy as it is waterproof, insulated, and not to mention it is designed to be comfortable for you and your feet.

Due to the fact that The Alphaburly Pro is built with natural rubber over insulating neoprene, it is far more superior than the traditional full rubber footwear in terms of durability, flexibility and comfort. Besides that, it being largely made with rubber means it is waterproof. Now with these boots, you can walk pass that puddle of water without worrying that it will get your socks wet.

The Alphaburly Pro comes with Burly Pro Outsole which is a unique thread pattern that provide you the grip you need to move through slippery terrains while the chamfered edges shed off the mud and muck that you pick up along your journey.

This pair of hunting boots for ladies have 200 – 400 grams of thinsulate build into them which mean they have insulation levels that cover most autumn hunting situations.

Since this pair of boots used for hunting are built with rubber over the neoprene linen, it does provide better breathability and regulate the temperature inside your boots than the good old regular full rubber boots. Unfortunately, neoprene isn’t exactly known for it’s breathability but rather it’s ability to insulate, waterproof and being lightweight. Therefore it’s ability regulate air in and out of the shoes does come a bit short when compared to other boots that are made with Gore-Tex or Nylon Mesh. Due to this, we give it an average rating for it’s breathability.

The Alphaburly Pro is a pair of insulated boots for hunting that come with a camouflage feature. Not to mention that, it has an active fit feature that grips the ankle and locks the heels in to keep the boots from coming loose when walking through thick muds and muck. Besides that, this tactical boots come with a durable and full rubber gusset that accommodates different sizes of calf and makes it easy to slide them on and off.

Oh and did I mention that the Alphaburly Pro provides scent protection too?

Price: $$

Who is this for:

  • Huntress that want a pair of comfortable hunting boots
  • Scent-proof hunting boots
  • Huntress that like to hunt during the fall
  • Full length lacing

Sorel Women’s Joan Of Arctic Boot Review

Sorel Women Hunting BootsThe Sorel Women’s Joan of Arctic Boot brings the style into hunting. This pair of tactical footwear are definitely one of the most stylish hunting boots that is out there in the market as of now.

The Sorel Women’s joan of Arctic Boot is largely built with the oldest material for tactical boots, leather. Due to this reason, it is definitely waterproof. Not to mention that leather also offer exceptional foot support, durability and protection.

Apart from that, this product comes with rubber soles which not only provide great grip, it is also waterproof. Meaning that no matter how much water you step on, it isn’t going to penetrate through that sole of yours.

The Joan of Arctic Boot has a removable 6mm recycled felt InnerBoot with faux fur snow cuff. These solid footwear can withstand up to -25 fahrenheit / -32 Celsius and they are perfect for you if you hunt regularly during the cold seasons.

However, due to the fact that these boots are made of leather means that it doesn’t provide ample of breathability and comfort to your feet.

Price: $$$

Who is this for:

  • Huntress that are looking for a pair of stylish hunting boots
  • Huntress that hunt in the cold seasons regularly
  • Full length lacing

Bushnell Women’s Prohunter Hunting Boot Review

Bushnell Women Hunting BootsThe Bushnell Women’s Prohunter Hunting boot is definitely a must buy for you if your hunting grounds are snake infested.

This tactical boot is largely built with leather so naturally it is waterproof but Bushnell took a step further with their HydroGuard membrane and viola, the Prohunter Hunting Boot is 100% waterproof regardless what terrain you’re on.

With Bushnell’s Slip-resistance rubber outsole, you can bet that these warm hunting boots will give the maximum grip and traction both on or off the trail.

The Prohunter Hunting Boot is uninsulated meaning that these insulated footwear are ideal for you if you plan to hunt in the early seasons and perfect for you if the level of activity that you are having during your hunt is relatively high. But it does have a Heat Zone removable insole which means that if the situation does arise, you either remove the insole for less insulation or pop it in to provide your feet with some warmth.

This pair of hunting boots come with a BreathRight feature which ensures good breathability despite the fact that the Prohunter Hunting boot is built with leather. Besides that, it also comes with a ScentMaskOdor Elimination feature which will as the name states mask and eliminate your odor cause by your feet. Perfect for hunting animals which has a keen sense of smell like deers.

Like I mention above, this pair of boots is a must for you if you require your ladies hunting boots to be snake-bite proof. The Prohunter Hunting Boot comes with Snake Bit Resistance Tufftex, which you guess it, offer your feet protection against snake bites.

Price: $$

Who is this for:

  • Huntress who often hunt in snake infested grounds
  • Huntress that hunt during early seasons
  • Full length lacing

The Original MuckBoots Adult FieldBlazer Hunting Boot Review

The Original MuckBoots Adult FieldBlazer Hunting BootThe Original MuckBoots Adult FieldBlazer Hunting Boot isn’t exactly a women’s warmest hunting boot but more of a unisex  insulated hunting boot. Despite that, this pair of shoes is good enough for us to put on the list of top 5 best women tactical footwear. Why, we’ll explain it down below.

The Original Muckboots Adult FieldBlazer Hunting Boot is largely made with rubber and fabric. It comes with a 5mm Neoprene bootie with four-way stretch nylon that is 100% waterproof, lightweight and more flexible than your average rubber boot.

This pair of hunting boots has a rubber sole and an aggressive self-cleaning outsole which provides stability and the protection that you need when going through steep terrains.

The FieldBlazer Hunting Boot has built in breathable lining that combines with a special flex-foam layer to provide insulation for your feet down to an freezing -20 Degree Celsius. Perfect for huntress that hunt in the winter.

When it comes to breathability, the FieldBlazer Hunting Boot comes with a cool and breathable Airmesh lining that ensures your feet stays fresh and dry the whole hunt.

MuckBoot really does have protection and support in mind when designing these boots as they included a lot of features that provide addition support and protection. The FieldBlazer has an additional Achilles reinforcement and a wrapped up toe bumper for, you guessed it, protection and a Shank reinforcement to provide more support.

Price: $

Who is this for:

  • Huntress that hunt in wet climates or extreme conditions
  • Huntress that are looking for a pair of comfortable boots with extra protection and support
  • Full length lacing

Irish Setter Women’s 3887 LadyHawk WP 1000 Gram Big Game Boot Review

Irish Women Hunting BootsIf you’re looking for a pair of hunting boots that stand the test of time, then the Irish Setter Women’s 3887 LadyHawk WP 1000 Gram Big Game Boot is the hunting boot that you deserve.

Thanks to Irish Setter’sUltraDry Waterproofing System that combines a moisture wicking lining with premier seam-sealed leathers, the LadyHawk 3887 is completely waterproof.

The LadyHawk also boast a Shadow Trek Sole feature which allow you to quickly gain grip and traction on any terrain that you’re in.

This pair of warm boots for hunting also comes with a 1000 grams of Thinsulate Ultra Insulation which provides the perfect insulation that you need when hunting in the winter. However, due to large amount of Thinsulate present in the boot, the LadyHawk might feel a tiny bit too stiff for your taste.

However, The LadyHawk 3887 does not have any breathability feature and given the fact that it is largely made with leather, it does mean that this pair of hunting boot doesn’t have a good breathability. Despite that, you wouldn’t need to worry about odor issues as multiple parts of the boots is added with ScentBan, an Irish Setter exclusive scent control process that kills off odor-causing bacteria.

Like we mention earlier above, the Ladyhawk is made to last. ArmaTec, a protective covering that is durable and abrasion resistance is placed in the high wear areas of the LadyHawk.

Price: $$

Who is this for:

  • Huntress that hunt in freezing conditions
  • Huntress that are looking a pair of boots that last
  • Ankle-height lacing


We are certain that one of the products above will suit your needs perfectly. These are all excellent and well-insulated hunting boots for women for the price that you’re paying.

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