Our Chef’s Choice Pro M120 Review

EdgeCraft Co. made the Chef’s Choice brand in 1985. This Pennsylvanian company has been using advanced technology to create some of the best electric appliances on the market. When it comes to its most beloved appliances, its electric knife sharpener reigns supreme. One of the best electric knife sharpeners is the Chef’s Choice Edge Select Pro Electric Sharpener M120.

From cooking knives to hunting knives, and from serrated knives to fine-edge knives, it is able to handle almost any knife. This particular sharpener rated very highly in our Knife Sharpener Ultimate Buyer’s Guide.

This Chefs Choice knife sharpener works on gourmet knives, butcher-type knives, serrated knives, and sports/hunting knives. It measures 12″x6.2″x6.2″ and weighs just 4.7lbs. Using EdgeSelect technology with 100% diamond abrasives, the three-stage sharpening process takes even the dullest blades’ durability and sharpness to professional levels.

The 120 is simple to operate and easy to clean. Chef’s Choice guarantees the quality and longevity of this product with a limited 3-year household warranty.

Using a uniquely constructed “Trizor” edge, both cheap and top-quality knives become incredibly sharp. Due to this, users should be careful handling their knives after use. The three-step procedure is easy and incredibly fast.

Stage 1 is used for improving dull and damaged blades or creating the best “bit” possible using diamond abrasives to make the initial facet. Stage 2 is ideal for maintenance as the finer-grit abrasives make the second bevel. Finally, Stage 3 uses a patented material to make the final micro-bevel and uses polished micro-cutters to refine the final sharp edge. This system also ensures that the sharpness lasts longer.

Like many electric sharpeners the 120 struggles a bit with smaller knives such as paring and pocket knives.  It is not intended for serrated knives either.

While the instructions are fairly straightforward, you’ll want to review them thoroughly before using the 120 as not following the correct procedures can cause damage to your knives.  Once the technique is mastered however it is possible to get a very sharp blade on your knives.

The compact design of this model is also popular with those that have a small kitchen or little kitchen storage space.

This product is perfect for home cooks, chefs, outdoor enthusiasts, and nearly anyone that needs very sharp knives. It makes a great gift for anyone from a professional chef to a amateur home cook. They can use it to keep all of their knives in pristine, sharp, working condition for both tough and simple jobs. While it didn’t win the #1 spot in the best knife sharpener competition, it is a solid piece from a reliable manufacturer.

If you are looking for a sharpener for knives and tools, the Worksharp WS3000 is another good option. If you are interested in a more professional sharpening tool, be sure to check out the Tormek T-8 and T-4.