Review DMT WM8FC-WB 8-Inch DuoSharp Plus Bench Stone

The next of our series of reviews of sharpening stones is the DMT DuoSharp Plus Bench Stone. Diamond Machining Technology, better known as DMT, was founded in Marlborough, Massachusetts in 1976. It started with center punch-outs of diamond grinding wheels. Working together with L.L. Bean’s purchasing agent, a refined diamond sharpener was created.

With that success and several innovation awards later, DMT expanded its product lines and became a leader in manual diamond sharpening products for residential, commercial, and industrial markets all over the world. It is known for designing some of the best sharpening stones. This company prides itself on “Made in America” products like this one that can effectively and easily sharpen most blades.

The Basics

First and foremost the DuoSharp is diamond sharpener. It has the ability to hone, sharpen, and lap blades into keen, razor sharp edges. That is similar to having the power of six knife sharpeners. It is also one of DMT’s DuoSharp sharpeners popular for its innovative double-sided design. Its measurements are 8″ x 2.6″ x 0.4,” and its weight is approximately 1.5 lbs.

It has both fine and coarse monocrystalline diamond surfaces that can renew blades to a razor sharp edge. The included DuoBench Bench Stone makes it ideal for counter or bench use. This sharpener also allows about two inches of knuckle clearance. The included slip-proof mat keeps the unit in place when in use. The DuoSharp is capable of sharpening a wide variety of knives and tools including tactical everyday carry knives, folding knives, and even most of your kitchen knives.  Its continuous diamond zone works well at sharpening pointed and small tools as well. It does not require oil, so it sharpens dry or with just water. Its durability insures it will be a consistent and reliable solution for many future sharpening jobs.

Thanks to DMT’s quality diamond sharpening design, this unit can handle sharpening a variety of cutting tools. The large surface helps it handle many tool sizes, too. It works effectively to sharpen knives, plane blades, carbide router bits, gouges, chisels, and more. One of the most effective aspects of this DuoSharp brand sharpener is that it uses mono-crystalline diamond surfaces. These diamond constructions have been shown to sharpen better and faster than those constructions composed of poly-crystalline diamond. The coarse diamond side features a 45 micron/325 mesh surface that restores dull blades quickly. The fine side has a 25 micron/600 mesh surface that establishes a razor sharp edge.

One positive aspect of this product is that it is easy to use. However, as with any sharpening stone system, it requires some practice to insure you maintain a consistent angle. Even though we would rate the quality of construction and materials of this unit as some of the best we’ve seen, it is priced competitively with similar units.

One of the bigger advantages of this unit is it’s ability to reduce sharpening time. In large part this is due to the previously mentioned mono-crystalline diamond surface. Blades tend to sharpen in about half the time of regular sharpening stones. It also provides results that are more accurate due to its diamond surfaces. Knives that might have been given up for dead can be revived to practically new again.

The fact that it can be used dry or with water instead of oils makes it ideal for home use due to no mess. When it is time to sharpen, all that is required is setting the bench stone on a flat surface or in its included base. Using its rubber mat keeps it steady during use. Despite its effectiveness, both the coarse and fine diamond sides may not meet higher sharpening standards or effectively sharpen some blades since they are not the coarsest or finest surfaces available. But if this is the case, separate fine and extra fine stones are available.

Who it’s for

This product is geared toward chefs, cooks, woodworkers, and outdoor hobbyists. The fact that it comes with its own bench stone makes it easy to use at home. It is also great for use in small spaces or workbenches. The compact and lightweight construction makes it easy to carry and use any time and anywhere a blade needs sharpening. But to truly get your money’s worth from this product.

This DuoSharp sharpener is a simple to use, quick, and affordable solution for renewing the blades of many cutting implements. Its innovative double-sided design features quality mono-crystalline diamond surfaces that leave blades with a sharp razor edge.

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The included DuoBench Bench Stone helps keep everything stable when sharpening blades. This also makes it handy for sharpening on the go. While the diamond surfaces may not be enough for some sharpening standards or cutting tools, they can effectively sharpen most blades with little mess since no oil is required. This unit is also built to last and made to provide many years worth of quality sharpening. Overall the innovative design and quality construction of the DMT WM8FC make it one of the best sharpening stone products out there.