Survival Blogs to follow

Great Survival and Prepper blogs to follow

If you plan on looking for more survival-related information, here is a list of amazing blogs that you can follow. I personally read these blogs myself. Do note that the blogs below aren’t rank in any specific order. If they are present here on this list, it means that they provide high quality content.

This list includes survival sites that blogs about survival in wilderness, urban, SHTF, etc.

I will update this list from time to time as I come across new survival blogs. Also, if you think the list is missing some of the best prepper blogs out there, shoot me an email and I will check it out.

Reality Survival – One of the best resource on this site is this free ebook written by JJ Johnson, the founder of the site, “How To Get Get Yourself Found — If You Are Lost In The Woods”.

Master Woodsman – The owner, Chris, offers great advice on wilderness survival.

Survival Cache – If you plan on looking for gears and books review, this is a good site to check out.

Ready Nutrition – Surviving and prepping skills blog that emphasize on nutrition and food.

Off Grid Survival – There are tons of information here.

Back Wood Survival Blog – If you are looking for endurance films review such as “The Walking Dead”, this blog have you covered. It’s pretty fun reading.

Gray Wolf Survival – You should really give Scott Kelley a.k.a Gray Wolf about-me page a read. His background story hooked me up to his blog. By the way, there are tons of great surviving skills and combat information on his blog.

SHTF Plan – They cover everything about SHTF (Shit Hit The Fan). The amazing thing is that they post 2 articles per day.

The Bug Out Bag Guide – An informative blog founded by Chris. They have an extensive coverage on bugging out – gears you need, tips, scenarios, bug out bag, etc. They cover other endurance and prepping stuffs as well, be sure to check them out.

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      1. Thanks, John. I also have a new novel out on the subject of family preparedness, entitled “Portsoy Woods”. It is probably most easily available on Amazon, but is also available at Books-a-Million, and Barnes and Noble online also. Best wishes !

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