Help Your Family Survive an Economic Collapse

The monetary policies of the U.S. government and central banks around the world don’t inspire a great deal of confidence. In just the last 16 years we’ve seen two spectacular stock market crashes that can be attributed to the actions of the Federal Reserve and their manipulation of interest rates. Unfortunately it’s starting to feel like we’re overdue for the third and perhaps biggest correction of them all.

I’m not one to focus on the negative, but I do believe in being prepared. While there is an abundance of information online about how to prepare for this sort of disaster, there is very little practical information about what you might have as career options after an economic collapse.

Jobs After An SHTF Economic Collapse

For some like medical personnel and those with marketable trade skills, finding ways to make money after a world wide economic depression will be less challenging. But the vast majority of American jobs are built around technology, infrastructure, and service.

While it’s disheartening to think that great swathes of our technological infrastructure could disappear or be severely degraded, it behooves those in industries that could be offline for a great while to seek alternative ways of earning income. Here are just a few of the ideas I’ve come up with that require only basic knowledge, tools, and know-how.

Blacksmithing Services​

Hans Splinter/Flickr

Hans Splinter/Flickr[/caption]

The idea of learning how to blacksmith probably sounds a bit antiquated to many people. After all, how many blacksmith’s do you know? Oddly enough I happen to know several. Living in a town with a booming construction industry in the Pacific Northwest, most of these smith’s spend their time making custom fireplaces, fire pits, gates, and other hardware for homes.

A couple of these smith’s have even begun teaching beginners classes to help people learn how to build and operate a forge, work with metal, and shape basic tools. There is a great deal of skill involved in getting to the level that most of these guys have achieved, but they are able to teach beginners to make basic tools in a matter of days.

In the event of an economic collapse these skills will be HIGHLY sought after. The possibilities are limitless as to what you can create. And even if raw materials are in short supply, there will certainly be large amounts of scrap metal available.

Knife Sharpening Services

While most people probably opt for an electric knife sharpener for their kitchen, there are several manual models on the market that offer fast and efficient sharpening. These tools are designed for anyone from custom knife collectors to professional sharpening services. This sharpener is our favorite.

In the event that we are without basic services like electricity, manual sharpening knives and tools will be very valuable. And those that can provide sharpening services for others will have a very marketable skill. After all, everyone needs knives for protection, food preparation, and miscellaneous tasks. Here is another tool that is handy to have.

Using sharpening stones effectively can require a great deal of practice. These guided systems allow even novices to quickly learn how to put a razor-sharp edge back on their knives. Here is a great article comparing some of the top models. In normal times you might not even consider a manual model, but these are not normal times. Investing in a tool that can help feed your family in difficult economic circumstances might prove to be one of the best decisions you ever make.

Candle Making and Soap Making

Sonia Scommenga/Flickr

Sonia Scommenga/Flickr

A world without electricity is a world without light. Making candles only requires some basic materials and a little bit of knowledge. You can find most of what you need to learn online for free. While it might seem like a very basic skill, the number of people that actually know how to produce viable candles is fairly small compared to a couple hundred years ago. Here is a great resource on learning to make basic candles.

Soap is another product that will be in high demand after an economic event. It’s needed for cleaning clothes, dishes, and one’s own body. Again this is information that is readily available online, but in the event of societal breakdown, the Internet could very well break down as well. Better to learn now than wait until it’s too late.

Here is a great resource for making simple soaps at home.

Other Ideas for Valuable Skills Post Economic Disaster

  • Beekeeping
  • mechanical repair
  • gardening
  • seed production
  • sewing and clothing repair
  • expert on edible wild foods
  • hunting
  • gunsmithing

There are hundreds of possibilities. The key is to prepare yourself now for what you can use as a marketable skill after a collapse. And of course don’t rely on any one thing. The more marketable skills you have, the better off you and your family will be.