How To Improve Accuracy With Minor Scope Adjustment

Providing you don’t have a criminal record and fulfill the criteria of your state then you are legally entitled to keep a gun.  You will need to comply with all the relevant laws in your state but 44 states currently have a provision to protect the right to bear arms.

But choosing to own a gun is only the starting point. You’ll need to choose the right type of gun, have some training and what accessories you need. A scope is an excellent addition to any weapon.

It will allow you to focus on targets and shoot more accurately. The good news is that there are a range of inexpensive spotting scopes available to ensure you have the right one for your needs.

A scope will improve your accuracy. But you might be surprised at how a few minor scope adjustments can improve your accuracy even further:


The first thing to check is that the scope is properly fitted to your rifle. If t isn’t then you’ll never be as accurate as you would like.

The scope can be fitted in an incorrect position, not adjusted for height or even not adjusted for your eye.

Get your fitting checked by a professional to see if it is right or not.

Ocular Focus

This is actually one of the biggest issues that many shooters face. You can tell if your ocular focus is incorrect if your eyes become tired while shooting or if you struggle to keep the object in focus.

All you need to do s turn either the adjustment ring on the scope closest to your eye.

Sometimes you may need to turn the whole ocular housing. To set it right follow these steps:

  • Stand near a light colored wall. There should be no more than 3 feet from your mussel to the wall.
  • Adopt your shooting pose with one eye closed and look through your scope. You shouldn’t need to move your head.
  • Look through the scope for 2 seconds then look away for 2. Adjust your scope and look back through it.  You need to decide if the new view is better or worse than the old one.
  • Repeat this until you have found the best spot for you.

You shouldn’t over think this procedure. Quick glances and quick decision are all you need to do.

Understand The Parallax

The parallax is how your eyes see things in the distance. It refers to when an object appears to move if you switch eyes.

This can happen when shooting if the reticle and the objective are not lined up correctly. You’ll know you have an issue if you move your eyes from side to side when looking through your scope and the object will move.

You need to eliminate this effect to ensure you shot is accurate.

Fortunately most scopes have a parallax knob. Turn it slowly until the target is crystal clear. Then try shooting. You’ll be surprised at how accurate you become.