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How To Wear a Boot Knife

If you find it hard to learn how to wear a boot knife through words, you can watch the video below. It’s a 20 minutes video that covers how to carry a knife with high-shaft and low-shaft boots extensively.

Wearing a boot knife is a great way to prepare yourself for dangerous situations, and is definitely considered one of the basic survival skills. In fact, survival knives are a must have item in our wilderness survival gear checklist.

First and foremost, it depends on the design of your boot ring. These days, the whole process is easy and intuitive because most boots that are designed specially to carry a boot knife will come with built-in straps made of sheath while some brands come with an integrated pocket. In cases where you are not lucky to have either of the rings mentioned above, you should carefully read these instructions on how to safely and securely stow your knife in your boot.

First you need to have a knife, a boot and a string. The boots should be comfortable to wear and you should be able to access your knife easily. Also, the knife should be long enough to not get lost in your body, and if it’s too short, it may slide to the ground. The size of the knife should be carefully considered.

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Then put on your boots and carefully slide your knife with sheath into one boot. If properly done, it should ride on the outside of the boot, and this should be on the stronger side of your body. For example, if you are right handed, it makes complete sense to insert the knife on the right side of your boots since it’s

Note: Sometimes, you might come across outdoorsmen inserting the knife on the inner side of the boot. However, it’s pretty troublesome to access to your knife if it’s fitted on the inner side.

The half-inch of sheath stick should be above the boot top and if it isn’t at the right position, you can do this by adjusting the depth of the knife.

Use a piece of string (a shoelace works perfectly) and attach the exposed sheath to your calf. On the exposed sheath on the flat edge place the center of the string. Finally, wrap it twice around the sheath and then twice around your calf and tie it in place.

Why carrying knives in the boot can be useful

Boot knives can be used as a defensive tool during emergency situations. It’s handy and easily accessible as it’s located pretty near the right side of your leg (if you are a right-handed person). Since most of these knives are slim, it’s suitable for everyday carry.

Furthermore, boot knives are normally hidden and therefore gives you an added advantage when you being attacked by humans or wild animals. Boot knives are widely used by survivalists as well as outdoorsmen in the hunting, fishing and outdoor industry.

Warnings and Tips

For those who have only one pair of boots or a knife for each pair, you can sew a sheath directly into your boots using basic leather-working tools. Others sheaths come with pre-cut holes for this purpose and for those that do not, you can sew through the canvas or leather of your boots. Make sure though that you wrap the sheath in a web of the chord on the inside of the boot.

Carry and use your sheath safely too. You should not use the knife when off-balance and always ensure you keep the sheath’s safety strap secured.

You should also check with local laws about carrying legal weapons and concealed weapons because most boot knives are illegal. Such is because boot knives fit the legal definition of a concealed weapon and some knives can have a dual-sided blade or they may be too long.

For further information regarding knife legislation, check this article out.


Always investigate and verify knife laws for environments where you use boot knives to avoid getting into trouble. You should also ensure you use the knife only when it is necessary. And yes, you can wear the modern boot knife with cowboy boots and thereby keep some of the good old boot knife traditions alive.

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How do you normally carry a boot knife?