Lansky Diamond Sharpening System Review

The Diamond Deluxe Sharpening system uses legitimately high quality diamond stones.  It offers a high degree of flexibility due to the ability to sharpen to just about any angle you like.  The compact carrying case is small and easy to store just about anywhere.  Since it is a guided system it is perfect for those that are not comfortable using tradition sharpening stones.

Overall the system is easy to use and highly effective.  It probably isn’t the best product for someone that just wants to quickly sharpen their kitchen knives as it takes some setup and practice to use properly.  That said it is capable of putting a keen edge on any blade. Our buyer’s guide below will detail the pros and cons of this system, along with some key specifications.

Here’s an instructional video on the operation of the Diamond Deluxe:

Lansky Diamond Sharpening System Review


  • ergonomic design and color coded stones
  • diamond stones last longer than many natural stones
  • adjustable sharpening angle from 17 to 30 degrees
  • excellent price compared to other sharpening systems


  • not great for use in the kitchen
  • requires a bit of practice to use
  • clamp doesn’t secure some knives as well as it should

Final Verdict

The Diamond Deluxe Sharpening kit is a capable product.  It is compact and highly portable.  But if we had to go with a system that is portable and works well with any sized knife it would be the Apex System from Edge Pro.

The Apex provides a more secure mechanism for keeping the blade stationary during sharpening and the travel of the stone across the blade is kept at a more consistent angle.  There is a significant price difference between the two, but that’s our two cents.


The whole sharpening system measures 11″x10.5″x1.5″ and weighs a mere 2.2lbs. This product includes a handy portable storage case. The knife clamp features a patented multi-angled design that easily flips over. There are also extra long screws included for it.

The sharpening stones in the system are color-coated to help the user locate the one they need for a specific blade. Each hone has a guide rod. The safety holders have finger grooves for better grip and accident prevention. The included bottle of honing oil is specially formulated to keep blades as polished, smooth, and sharp as possible.

Diamond hones are used in this Lansky sharpening system as opposed to cheaper stone hones. These hones are better quality and sharpen kitchen knives, pocket knives, fishing knives, and hunting knives with ease. This system comes with extra-fine, coarse, medium, and fine diamond hones.


It uses the Lansky Controlled-Angle System to maintain consistent sharpening results. The angles used are 17 degrees for scalpels and utility knives, 20 degrees for quality blades, 25 degrees for basic dull knives and outdoor knives, and 30 degrees for heavy-duty knives used to cut through items like carpets, wire and cardboard. The storage case is custom-molded to hold everything in place when in storage or when on the go. The included instructions are easy to follow and multilingual.

Lansky Sharpeners has been making innovative sharpening tools for about 34 years. The company is based in Buffalo, New York. They create knife sharpeners that are simple, effective, and comfortable to use. This renowned brand is featured in many outdoor tool shows. Since they specialize in tool sharpeners, they constantly push the envelope with their designs year after year.  This product is one of the most popular in our manual knife sharpener reviews section.

Final Thoughts

For true knife enthusiasts, this kit may be incomplete. It is recommended that the user look into purchasing separate ceramic polishing hones for a mirror finish on their blades and a serrated hone for serrated knives to achieve a more complete kit. The Tri-Angle Sharpmaker from Spyderco is a great option. It can take a while to get knives very sharp with this product, so it should not be considered a quick sharpening system. Another great option (and our top pick) is the Apex Knife Sharpener.

This knife sharpening system is great for people that use knives in the kitchen, outdoors, or for hobbies that require lots of cutting.

From butcher knives to utility knives to fishing knives, this kit can handle nearly any kind of blade. With everything in the included storage case, all of the components stay together. The system can be easily transported to wherever the user needs to work.

You can find more information on Lansky’s Website.