Reasons why you need a bow stabilizer

Reasons why you need a bow stabilizer

Knowing what accessories can help improve your aim and knowing how to use those accessories can give you a massive advantage especially if you want to improve how you shoot. Knowing how to pick the right bow stabilizer and learning how to use one would similarly give you advantages as well.

Most professional archers would utilize a bow stabilizer to improve their aim, showing how important this gear is. Hence, it’s worth investing some time to consider whether you need it. If you want a review of bow stabilizers, you check out the post here.

Also, learning how to aim and shoot properly gives you a huge edge in your preparedness journey. If you have archery as a skill in the bag, you can apply these skills in hunting for food and it’s really cost effective! Further, it’s a great self-defense tool! Enough about self-reliance, here are 4 reasons why you need a good bow stabilizer!

Here’s a video on what do they do and why do you need one.


Reason 1: Making your shots more stable

Bow stabilizers will increase the amount of forward weight for your bow which helps balancing the bow. This is because the additional mass will help absorb vibrations that are made when you shoot. Ultimately, bow stabilizers are meant to add weight to your bow.

One simile which can be drawn is to the barrel weight of a rifle, where the heavier the barrel, the better the gun would stay on target. If you would really like to see the value of your stabilizer, try shooting your bow in rough conditions with surrounding interference such as wind or rain. Of course, the effect will only be obvious if you get a stabilizer which is long and heavy enough. But, do consider getting a more lightweight one if you are moving around often while holding the bow!


Increase your shooting accuracy

Reason 2: Increase your shooting accuracy

If you have more stability while shooting, you will tend to be more accurate. To see a more obvious difference, try to make long distance shots. For example, by shooting 75 yards, the benefits of the bow stabilizer would be apparent to you because your shots would not drift significantly to other places. If you try another shot without this accessory, you can see how your shots become inconsistent and less accurate.

Hence, if you like to hunt from a tree-stand or shoot from a distance, a stabilizer would be ideal to ensure that your shots are more accurate and consistent. Why is this so? Because if the weight on your bow is less, it will be more difficult for you to hold the bow which reduces your shooting accuracy. Also, since the bow stabilizer reduces vibrations and hand shock as well, it would be a factor to consider for shooting accurately.

Here’s a video on how you can increase your shooting accuracy by using a bow stabilizer.

Reason 3: Absorbing vibrations caused by shooting

When you are hunting in the west and you have to make long shots, you need really good balance. To achieve this balance, the amount of vibrations must be minimal.

How does vibration happen? It usually occurs when you release your arrows, turning potential energy that you stored in the bow to kinetic energy. Due to the tension present in the bow string, energy would be discharged from the area with the arm guard when you release your shots, causing vibrations.

Your stabilizer will do the work of absorbing the vibration when you draw the bow and when you release it. This is how the amount of vibration is minimized and this helps keep you from having sore hands!


Reducing the amount of noise produced

Reason 4: Reducing the amount of noise produced

You need to reduce the amount of noise you make when you hunt, especially with animals that have a keen sense of hearing (usually most of the animals like elks have a keen sense of hearing). You do not want to lose your chance of getting a clean shot just because you scared it away!

Furthermore, if the game is not moving, it would be much easier to have a clear shot. If its aware of your presence, it would likely move away from you which makes it more difficult to aim and hit the vital organs of the animal. This would cause you to waste precious time following a blood trail and reduce your chances of successfully getting your game.



After being convinced that a bow stabilizer is necessary, it is time to look for information on how to choose a suitable one for your bow! Take note of the length and weight of the bow stabilizer because different types of stabilizers will provide different results. For example, a longer and heavier stabilizer can make you shoot more consistently, but it is just not practical to equip such a stabilizer if you are using it for hunting where it involves a lot of movement.

Further, remember to look at other aspects including whether your bow stabilizer is made from the right stuff, where it’s usually made from metal, plastic or rubber. You can also consider getting a stabilizer which is adjustable where you the manufacturer would include rear stabilizers or side bars to help you offset weight.

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