5 Rugged Apple phone cases for Protecting Your iPhone 7 While Adventuring

If you’re an adventuring type and an iPhone owner, Apple phone cases are nothing short of imperative. Can you picture it right now? Hiking the snowy mountains of Peru, staring out at the gorgeous view, taking in the scenery. Then a gust of wind blows along, or some of your equipment comes loose. Just one flustered moment is all it takes for you to drop your phone… disaster! Right? Wrong. With the one of the many latest Apple phone cases you need never panic in a situation like this ever again.

Maybe hiking isn’t your thing and you’d prefer to be out in the wilderness hunting or even fishing for your next meal. If this is the case, then stay tuned as is not only falls that can damage your iPhone but also shocks, water, snow, dust, dirt and scratches.

Want to snap some high-quality pictures whilst snorkeling? Or generally just feel safer that you can call for help if you wind up lost or injured? Then good news, because it’s never been easier to protect your phone.

We’ve delved into the darkest corners of the internet to bring you the best protective Apple phone cases on the market and for your convenience, we’ll compare them for you below:

Case 1: PUNKcase CRYSTAL Purple Apple iPhone 7 Waterproof Case

The first case we look at is so good it’s almost criminal. Especially for those of us like being able to see the original design of the iPhone we’ve just paid a bomb for, this range of Apple phone cases is perfect. Coming in a variety of colours (Purple, Black, White, Pink, Teal, Red, light Green and light Blue) these cases – on offer at $39.98 – are not to be missed.

The IP68-certified Crystal case is not only waterproof but also dust proof, shock proof, drop proof and even snow proof. The key appliance buttons have also been enhanced to make sure you can still use all your phone’s features. With all these protective features added for your protection you’d expect to be carrying around a brick, however the ultra slim-stylish design effectively guards your phone from harm whilst still looking good.

Case 2: PUNKcase LUCID 2.0 Series for Apple iPhone 7 Slim

Secondly, we have got to mention Lucid 2.0 Apple phone cases. Priding itself on its renowned SHIELD Tempered Glass Screen Protector, this phone case is dubbed as being indestructible when it comes to drops to the screen. As well as looking awesome, this iPhone 7 case offers easy port and jack access, a reinforced frame, and plenty of TPU. The TPU aids the case in absorbing shocks that impact with the frame, increasing your phone’s ability to take a hit and come out the other side. So if you’re worried about drops, this $19.89 case could be the one for you.

Case 3: iPhone 7 Case, GHOSTEK Covert Clear

Providing top-quality protection in an uber-stylish, super professional looking case at the price of $15.98, we urge you to take a closer look at the Covert. With the design reflecting actual armour, everything about this phone screams daredevil. So, if you’re a risk-taker that likes to live on the extreme side of life, consider this scratch-resistant, explosion-proof (you read that right!) and all-round generally awesome-looking piece of tech.

A five-star product review left by Alex S. reads ‘I have bought two cases from pink case and both are awesome! When one did malfunction, I contacted them and I had a replacement by the end of the week, free of charge!’ I can understand if you think we’re just cherry-picking a positive review… but with 3,811 reviews all amassing to an overall 5-star rating it’d be more effort for us to find a negative one!

Case 4: iPhone 7 Waterproof Case, GHOSTEK Nautical Series

Are you bored by the lame, same-old Apple phone cases – either plain and boring or so ridiculous and huge that they can’t even fit in your pocket? (Have you seen the ones with doughnuts hanging off them?!)

Our fourth find, the sophisticated yet quirky Nautical case from Ghostek could be the one you need. This heavy-duty piece of tech is perfect for those who love water-based activities, whether that be swimming, fishing, rafting or even underwater photography. With its sealed front and back covers this case will keep your phone safe from harm at any cost.

The cost, by the way, is a very modest $34.95.

The case features a raised bevel adding extra height to your phone as well as bumpers on each corner of the phone with drop spring technology. These features make it protected against drops and shocks. The cases come in one of six different colours, with a 3.5MM headphone jack adapter, free lanyard and polycarbonate shell.

What are you still doing here? Get ordering!

Case 5: PUNKcase StudStar Series

Our final pick is the IP68 certified, dirt/shock/snow/water proof armour cover from PUNKcase designed specifically for the Apple iPhone 7 & 7s. Proudly boasting their anti-reflective-coated lens, scratch resistant polycarbonate back cover, built-in screen protector, raised bevel and unparalleled sound quality, we’re finding it hard to pick fault. Your perfect case for muddy trails, hikes, swims or even downhill skiing trips retails at just $39.98.

With this extensive range of Apple phone cases laid out right in front of you, which will you take into battle?