We Review the Spyderco Tri Angle Sharpening Kit

Our Buyer’s Guide for the Spyderco Tri-Angle sharpening system:

It comes with 2 sets of high alumina ceramic stones.

The brown (medium grit) stones are for more aggressive sharpening and very minor edge repairs. These stones aren’t abrasive enough to effect major repairs to a damaged blade. But Spyderco does offer additional stones that can be used to sharpen extremely dull blades.

The white (fine grit) stones are for finishing the blades edge. Both sets of stones are triangular in shape. They also include a groove along one side that allows for sharpening of items such as fish hooks and darts.

There is also a set of brass safety rods that help protect the user while sharpening a blade.

All of these components snap together into an easy to carry sturdy plastic case. The base of the case contains die cast keys and slots for all of the stones. These slots are aligned to allow for 40 degree and 30 degree angles when sharpening. This enables you to sharpen just about any knife.

It also allows for a 12.5 degree angle for sharpening scissors. Another great feature of the base is that it can easily be bolted down to a work bench using the pre-drilled slots.

Since the stones are ceramic, they can break if dropped. So it’s best to handle them with care. However they require no lubricant when sharpening.


While many people are intimidated by manual sharpening systems such as the Tri-Angle, Spyderco has gone to great lengths to make this sharpener easy to learn. There is an included DVD that give clear and precise instructions on how to best use it on your knives.

This sharpener ranks very high for usability. Even those with no experience using sharpening stones will quickly and easily get their blades back to factory sharpness and beyond.

Keep in mind that the included stones are not intended for sharpening extremely dull blades as they are not abrasive enough. But there are additional stones available for that express purpose. All in all this sharpener is the perfect tool to keep in your kitchen drawer to make sure your knives are always sharp.

If you’re looking for a step up from the Spyderco check out our favorite manual sharpener, the Edge Pro Apex. Another great tool for sharpening knives is the Lansky Sharpening System

About Spyderco

In operation since 1976, Spyderco has made a name for themselves by offering products unlike anyone else on the market. They specialize in both knives, mostly folding knives, and knife sharpeners.

Their out of the box thinking has given them a unique place in the industry as well as a place in our Ultimate Sharpener Buyers Guide. While many of their products have been described as ‘peculiar’, or ‘different’, they specialize in creating products that are both functional and ergonomic. Such innovations as a folding serrated knife and a pocket clip for folding knives are directly attributable to their passion to make the best possible products.

They took that same approach to one of their best products to date. The Tri-Angle Sharpener from Spyderco is hands down one of the best knife sharpeners on the market.