Top 5 Best AR 15 Lube and Cleaner( Lubrication and Grease) 2019 Review

If you are having a problem when it comes to keeping your firearms clean especially your AR 15 rifle, it is probably high time for you to choose the best AR 15 lube (or just get a full cleaning kit for convenience). As you are committed to protecting your AR 15, you might be working very hard to choose the best AR 15 lube not just in quality and design, but in purpose.

Sand and contaminants are the usual problems that would adhere to your firearm. The aforementioned elements will not only leave your AR 15 dirty as they will also indirectly hinder the overall function of your AR 15 ever so slightly.

Hence, check out this review to choose the best AR 15 lube.

Top 5 Best AR 15 Lube Comparison Table

Name of productVolumeShape of package SmellAmount of chemicalsPrice
CLP by Sage & Braker4 oz.BottleMildMedium$$
Grizzly Grease CLP 4 oz.ContainerMildLess$
M-Pro7 4 oz.BottleMildLess$$
Ballistol Aerosol Can 1.5/ 6 oz.CanStrongLess$
Hoppe's No. 9 Synthetic Blend 2.25/ 9 oz.BottleStrongMedium$

The top 5 are chosen by certain factors:

  1. Volume
  2. Shape of package
  3. Smell
  4. Amount of chemicals
  5. Price


The volume of the AR 15 lubrication helps us to determine and compare with other products on how much lubrication you will receive for the same price range.

Shape of package

Some come in bottles with sprayers while some are packed in a can. Determining the shape will indirectly tell us on how to apply the AR 15 lube.


While applying the AR 15 lube, you might get annoyed and dizzy at the lube’s smell so some of you might prefer a milder or almost non-existent smell.

Amount of chemicals

As an environmental lover, some of you prefer buying an AR 15 lube which is biodegradable and doesn’t potentially harm the environment. Also, the lesser the chemicals, the safer it will be for usage.


CLP by Sage & Braker

ar 15 lube

Starting off the AR 15 best lube would be the CLP. The CLP best lube use a highly penetrating solvent that will infiltrate every surface on a micro level. As a result, it will provide a deeper and cleaner solution regardless to carbon, lead and copper fouling. The CLP best lube is contrary to several other lubricants that don’t clean properly and use harsh toxic chemicals.

The CLP is capable of removing crud from your firearms after years of neglect. All the more, without using harsh chemicals that can potentially poison those that use it. Furthermore, your AR 15 will be well protected from corrosion and rust.

During the use of your weapon, the CLP formula provides carbon and contamination management. Static which promotes the attachment of carbon and contaminants are greatly reduced by the CLP formula.

Meanwhile, the bore and all moving parts on your firearm are protected by the CLP lube. The lubricant improves heat dissipation on all the working components of your AR 15. At the end of the day, you will get cooler weapon operation temperatures.

Complete burn is enhanced for the powder in your cartridge. This will create a more consistent FPS. Therefore, a more accurate shot is produced.

Also, in order to prevent any damage to the blueing and finish of your well-loved AR 15, there are no harsh smelling chemicals added. The non- hazardous, biodegradable and non-toxic lubricant will make you feel good to clean your AR 15 as it isn’t damaging your loved one’s health or our environment.

As a side note, the CLP was designed with military in mind. After frequent talks with deployed soldiers it is found out that normal oil can attract dust and sand. However, the improved CLP significantly reduces adhesion of debris to your AR 15 surface.

If you spray down a healthy dose of the CLP on your weapon’s silencer, it should loosen the up the carbon and lead after letting it sit for 30 minutes. Then, wipe it off or use a Q-tip to get the remains. Although the CLP lube is a 4oz. bottle, you will feel like it will last forever because the fine mist sprayer really reduces the amount you need to use.

The smell is really mild and doesn’t have that toxic chemically smell that all the other lubricants do. Fouling was removed extremely well on the metal, not on your hands. However, when you push down the spray nozzle, it doesn’t return all the way to the top.

As a result, it doesn’t keep the system primed. So, you would have to push multiple times. Then, manually pull the push button to the top in order to get anything to come out. If you are not so thrilled about doing this, then I would suggest a new sprayer.

Overall in this AR 15 lube review, the CLP is well worth the cost and far exceeds anything else out there!

Suitable for:

  • Mild smell
  • Military use


Grizzly Grease Non-Toxic CLP 4 FL OZ

best lube review

The second best AR 15 lube would be the Grizzly Grease. The non-toxic lube is made of USDA certified bio-based ingredients that meets/ exceeds MIL-SPEC technical standards. Using this best lube can prevent corrosion and rust.

As evident from the title, the Grizzly Grease is used as an all in one complete gun cleaner, gun lubricant, and firearm protectant. While it can withstand the harsh -50F Arctic conditions and not to mention the the hottest desert environments, one very important feature would be that is safe to use.

The Grizzly best AR 15 lube protects your AR 15 from all of those nasty elements such as rust, copper and lead build up; and it does so safely. Also, the Grizzly Gun Care’s unique formula will create a surface that is resistant to moisture on the metal. Therefore, you can say goodbye to oiling up your weapon anymore.

The “dry lubed” surface end result reduces jams and friction. Furthermore, it will eliminate fouling, and destroys rust and build-up. While the aggressive formula attacks carbon on contact, it will also maintain an element of safety which is pretty rare to the industry.

Since it is safe, indirectly it is safe to handle, safe to smell, safe to use on all the surfaces, and safe to dispose of as well. The smell isn’t bad like 90% of all other greases do and to top it off it applies smooth and easy.

If you want to use this Grizzly lube, apply a thin layer that takes very little and wipe off excess. You could try using a Q-tip as it doesn’t stick to it but does to the firearm well. Since the product is waxy, it stays on and continues to protect your AR 15.

Just like milk chocolate, this melts when handled and in return hardens when it returns to room temperature. Furthermore, unlike oils that will go everywhere during normal firearm operation, the grease stays where you put it.

Using this best AR 15 lube will not only stop the rust potential, it will also improve the action of your weapon. If you are worried if it would hold up for the amount you shoot, it held up great after two range days.

After a few rounds, the grease began to “melt” and started to lubricate the AR 15 system. It worked well and there were no jams, no malfunctions of any kind. After shooting, by the time I got back the lube had already begun to solidify again on the AR 15 system.

Therefore, I wouldn’t suggest using this at the range as it might get all clumpy and doesn’t work the same. You can buy but leave at home in a nice cool area. The melting might get all over the area.

To sum up this AR 15 lube review, I think you would be very happy with the use and benefits the Grizzly lube provides.

Suitable for:

  • In the hottest desert environments
  • Arctic conditions
  • Metal on metal areas

M-Pro7 070-1453 4oz 7 Lpx Gun Oil

best review

Third best AR 15 in this list of reviews would be the M-Pro. The M-Pro best lube would help prevent rust from starting if your AR 15 doesn’t have any rust yet. You can start out by putting a few drops of M-Pro 7 Gun Oil LPX on a polyester cloth. Then, put the cleaning cloth in a zip-lock bag and after doing so work the M-Pro 7 Gun Oil LPX all throughout the rag.

You can even use that cloth to wipe down the barrel and any other metal surfaces of your rifle. I strongly advise against using it on wood or synthetic materials such the stock or foregrip though. This is because the M-Pro 7 Gun Oil LPX will not absorb into those materials.

It depends if the M-Pro 7 Gun Oil LPX would make your rifle slippery. One of the most important things to take note of is that to use it sparingly. In case you use too much of it, obviously your rifle will be very slippery. Therefore, just use a few drops on your cleaning cloth then apply a light film on your rifle if you don’t want your rifle to be slippery.

Due to the viscosity maybe, the oil actually stays where you put it (slide area for example) and doesn’t float everywhere else. Also, it’s easy to spread with Q-tip or other.

Furthermore, it doesn’t get sticky with heat and seems pretty hardy but does evaporate eventually. The operation is butter smooth once applied but I don’t use it in an anti-corrosion role. I typically apply it to a patch then on to the slide rails since a little goes a long way.

The M-Pro has very little smell and a green color to it. When I used it, my barrel was as spotless as ever. My best 5 shot groups are as good as ever or rather better than 1/2 inch at 100 yards. One of the disadvantages though with this M-Pro is that that in very cold weather (single digits), it was hard to use the copper remover. It felt like it was dry and seemed to freeze up.

On the other hand, the viscosity is easy to work with and it also lacks the strong smell that is apparent in some oils. Also, it does not soak into your hands too much after you handle your treated AR 15. With the MP-Pro best AR 15 lube, you can get a solid six months of daily use before needing to reapply.

Do take note though that it sticks where you put it as this one is kind of thick. For areas like actions, it may be a bit too thick, but maybe not.

Based on the aforementioned facts in this AR 15 lube review, I am sure that the MP-Pro will give you the true reliability of your firearm.

Suitable for:

  • Realiblilty
  • Perfect viscosity
  • Very little smell

Ballistol Multi-Purpose Aerosol Can Lubricant

ar 15 lube review

Next best AR 15 lube would be the Ballistol. The Ballistol best lube is biodegradable which means that it won’t harm the environment. It will be perfect for lubricating and protecting AR 15 and just about anything else.

The Ballistol best lubricant reserves and protects metal, wood, leather and plastics so feel free to use it on those types of surfaces. Since the Ballistol is slightly alkaline in nature, this characteristic will neutralize the effect of sweat and skin oils which are slightly acidic. Their effect is similar to the etching process.

The 1.5 oz. aerosol can be used to preserve gun stocks as well as preserve leather gear. Plus, it minimizes the need for brushing and scraping barrels and chambers by forming a protective film on the surface of metals.

The AR 15 lube is also capable of seeping through the finest cracks and fissures. This indirectly makes the Ballistol lube and excellent “penetrant” in case you want to loosen up some frozen nuts and bolts. Ballistol emulsifies with water unlike most lubricants which makes Ballistol even more interesting.

Ballistol stays behind to protect the metal, plastic, wood or leather even when the water evaporates. Due to this, it will even protect wet surfaces. Although Ballistol will keep all smooth leathers soft and moisturized, avoid using on suede (flesh side rubbed leather to make a velvety nap).

Moreover, it is also non-toxic so any use, disposal or decomposition will not produce any byproducts which can potentially be harmful to the environment. The AR 15 lube never gets sticky or increases friction over time.

Although there are many other functions for the AR 15 best lube such as being a great silver and brass polish, perfect for all the household chores any normal oil will do, etc…, why settle for a “normal” oil when you can have the one product that does so much more.

The odor can be a little strong which might be to your dislike but fortunately the smell will disappear soon. I know that there are a lot of people who love the smell of gun oil (especially Hoppe), but I really hate the smell of chemical solvents which gratefully I didn’t find in this product which seem to work as well as their toxic counterparts but without being toxic.

The Ballistol all-in-one gun care products can be used with black powder guns which is unlike most modern gun oils. On knives and blades to both can be used to prevent rust (which is especially an issue for high carbon steel).

On top of that, Ballistol is really is as versatile as you can get as it is the only gun oil that can mix with water and still be lubricating. Don’t be too thrilled about the all-in-one product nonetheless because usually you will trade the effectiveness of the single purpose products in exchange for the convenience of having to use just one product.

Suitable for:

  • Neutralize the effect of sweat and skin oils
  • Versatility
  • Household chores

Hoppe’s No. 9 Synthetic Blend Lubricating Oil

lubrication review

Coming to the end of the AR 15 best lube, our last AR 15 lube would be the Hoppe’s No.9. The Hoppe’s No.9 is an advanced oil especially designed for the modern firearm. The Hoppe best AR 15 lube has been 100 percent designed and tested for the toughest situations and environments you might be exposed to with your AR 15.

Hoppe’s provide better barrier against moisture and corrosion and also works great on fishing reels and other mechanisms for your information. The superior lubrication and protection provided to all areas of your AR 15 will greatly reduce the wear and tear caused by friction.

However, the bottle dispenses little more oil than I would like. Hence, I would have to remove the excess. On the other hand, the oil is excellent on my multiple firearms. It has kept the actions well lubricated and the AR 15 lube seems to last longer than other oils and provides great protection.

The oil can be applied by the nozzle by drops or by using cotton tip applications to parts. Aside from that, it can also use around the house on hinges and squeaky bike parts. The best lube is super light oil. The lubricant is very thin- just a little thicker than water.

To get the best result, I’d recommend using WD-40 to clean (because it’s a solvent, not a lubricant). Wipe off and then let the WD-40 to dry off. After doing so, use this oil and you’re set. You can use the Hoppe’s best AR 15 lube on basically anything that wouldn’t need a heavy-duty grease such as on car doors, house doors, locks, small gears.

With Hoppe, I would assure you that your AR 15 will run very smoothly and it wouldn’t attract a lot of dust if you only apply as much as you need. Beside using on my AR 15, I tried using on my Ruger SR9 that was having some jamming problems. To my relief, after using Hoppe, jamming problem seems to be solved. The same could also be said with my Beretta 92FS.

I like the way the best lube covers the metal parts of my AR 15 when I apply it. So far, I have never experienced any deficiency in the regular oil. Honestly, I can’t say that this synthetic oil is any better than the regular Hoppe’s oil. So, it is up to you if you want to spend on Hoppe or not.

Overall in this best AR 15 lube review, I would suggest Hoppe if you want a good oil.

Suitable for:

  • Toughest situations and environments
  • Car doors, house doors
  • Super light


I hope these AR 15 lube reviews have been helpful for you to choose the best lube for AR 15. Also, don’t forget to get your weapon a case, either hard or soft so you can store them safely and securely, to maintain its durability in the long run.