Best Recurve Bow for Hunting Reviews 2018

Usually, you can identify a recurve bow by looking at their curved tips which augments the speed of the shot and smoothness of the release. The bow is known for its widespread use in target archery as well as in the Olympics.

As a tip, buy a bow that corresponds with your dominant eye rather than your dominant hand for increased accuracy to hit that bull’s eye!

What is the difference between a recurve bow and other bows?

Basically a recurve bow has a pointed end for better accuracy in shooting. Recurve bow gives that traditional feel for archers while providing a great shooting experience. You might want to check out the full comparison between a recurve bow and compound bow (also known as modern bow).

When you’re hunting, you might need huntings gloves, hunting boots (We’ve written one specifically for women too!) and even socks so you can hunt in comfort and effectively as well.

Best top 9 recurve bow comparison table

If you would like to have a quick comparison to the best recurve bows in the market, feel free to glance at the table below.

ProductBow Weight Draw weight Draw Length FlexibilityDurabilityAppearanceComfortPrice  
Samick Sage3.39 lbs.30-55 lbs. 30 inchesvery goodgood very nicevery good$$$
Bear Archery Titan Bow2.00 lbs. 20-29 lbs.22-28 inchesgoodgood nicegood$
Martin Jaguar Takedown 2.70 lbs. 30-55 lbs.30 inches very goodvery goodvery nicevery good$$$$
Longbowmaker Recurve1.50kg30-50 lbs. 28-33 inchesnot goodvery good nicevery good$$
PSE Razorback2.20 lbs.20-35 lbs.30 inchesgoodvery goodnicegood$$
Spyder Takedown2.50 lbs.20-60 lbs. 28 inchesvery goodvery goodvery nicevery good$$$
SAS Spirit Takedown2.10 lbs.22-34 lbs.28 inchesgoodvery goodvery nicegood$$
Bear Archery Grizzly Recurve2.20 lbs. 50-60 lbs.28 inchesvery goodvery goodbestbest$$$$$
PSE Nighthawk Recurve3.10 lbs. 35-50 lbs. 28-30 inchesvery goodvery goodSecond bestvery good$$$$

Top 5 criteria to look for in a recurve bow


Draw weight needs to be just right especially for target practice. You would want to get your form right for shooting first and build up your muscle before going to heavier weights which might make you develop some really bad habits. You would want your arrows to penetrate the target during target practice.

Hence, your recurve has to have a draw weight which is just right especially if you are doing it in a long distance.

Flexibility for transport

Your bow needs to be long because the longer the total length of the bow (from tip to tip), the more accurate your shots will be. Usually, the best recurve bow will have a minimum length of 58 inches. Also, you have to make sure the bow can be broken down into parts for transportation which is prevalent in Takedown bows.


Metal risers or wood risers are the usual materials used for recurve bows. Metal risers might be slightly more accurate but wood risers can give you a traditional feel while being light. All the recurve bows listed here are of great quality which is known to be considerably durable.

Appearance of the bow

It will definitely be nice to have a product which looks really appealing. It not only motivates you to take it to the range, it also helps you to be confident in shooting. But make sure that it is really good for shooting and it serves its purpose.

Comfort for shooting

Generally, wood risers are more comfortable to hold and shoot compared to metal risers because the temperature does not vary that much according to the surrounding and it provides a really good feel. Having a comfortable shooting sessions requires you to get ready your accessories such as gloves.

Note: To reduce the pressure upon releasing, you should consider using a bow stabilizer. Check this post out to learn about the best bow stabilizer in the market.

Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow

Samick Sage Takedown Recurve BowThis is a product by the renown Samick Sage which is a subsidiary of Samick Sports. Samick Sports is based in Korea and has been in the industry since 1975. Since that very year, the company has expanded and sold their bows across 50 different countries.

They are the only known bow manufacturer in the world that offers a complete line of bows for every level of archers including recurve , compound , field archery, hunting and a full line of metal or plastic accessories. They are also well-known for sponsoring quite a few of the world’s best competitive archers.

Actually, the samick sage takedown recurve bow is the best starter bow in the market. So what exactly did Samick do to make the Sage such a great piece of equipment? Let’s examine all the parts separately.

First and foremost, the weight of the Samick Sage Takedown hunting bow is relatively light. In traditional archery (which I assume you are interested in if you are buying this bow), form is the most imperative thing in shooting! Especially for a beginner, this bow would be extremely helpful because it is light.

Since it is much easier to perfect your form with lighter limbs, you can practice your form during shooting much more effectively. Basically, the limbs can be bought separately to increase or decrease the product weight as preferred by the individual.

As a bonus, this 62” bow includes a B-50 bow string and arrow rest.

Furthermore, this gear is good for transportation such as travelling in a car. It can easily be taken down and set up with just bare hands. Basically, attach the limbs, then attach the string’s smaller loop to the bottom limb of the recurve bow. Ideally, the strings should be twisted 35 turns.

Finally, use a recurve bow stringer to hook the top loop. The set up time should take nearly 10 minutes. It is really easy to assemble it and does not require any tools. It is advisable to use an Allen wrench for assembly or disassembly. When disassembled, it should be as long as an arrow by fitting perfectly into a backpack.

In addition, it is considerably sustainable because the limbs are solid and will not likely be twisted. It is made from a mix between wood and fiberglass and the bow weighs at about 3-4lbs for the 35 lb version. For target practice, 25-35 lbs is ideal because you can shoot more times and gain more feedback.

Also, the limbs are interchangeable if you would like to buy new ones at a higher or lower weight. As an extra tip, you do not need to take off the string unless you plan not to use your recurve bow for more than a week.

Optionally, get a string silencer such as beaver balls because they protect the strings and supposedly do other good things.  The maple center  is very nice, smooth and made with good quality materials. The Samick Sage recurve bow is very tolerant of arrows having different spines.

Basically, it accepts a fast flight or an equivalent bow string.  If you plan to upgrade your bow in the future, it has a pre-installed brass brushing for a brass plunger, stabilizer, sight and quiver. It will be included in the Samick Sage Hunting Kit.  Also, to touch on the extremely well-made design, the limbs made of hard maple with black fiberglass with a single tapered knob and metal limb pocket design.

It also has a very nice and graceful appearance as it is well-crafted. It is beautiful and made of solid construction. The appearance would be nothing less than impressive! Even so, there probably might be a few uneven stains and sanding around the shelf inset but it is not significant.

Generally, this product will give you a smooth feel while allowing it to smoothly turn into your hands after shooting.  In terms of the overall look, it’s very beautiful and aesthetically pleasing especially when it comes to traditional looks. The black color arms do compliment the maple center of the bow which give it a classy look.

Without a doubt, it is very comfortable to shoot with. Drawing the 40’ limbs of the bow is extremely smooth while the load building is very consistent throughout different draws. This bow will make it easy for you to hold at full draw while making sure that its quietly held. This will definitely make your shooting much more enjoyable and accurate.

As a bonus, the ergonomic riser should feel good to grip. It might be lighter than some other top end take-down bows too which is a bonus if you stay in the field for a few days. This recurve bow will definitely perform very well by shooting straight each time. Even if you shoot a target over 50 yards, the bow can make a practice arrow stick.

There is some pre-load and initial resistance at the beginning of the draw but when it is overcome, the Samick Sage recurve bow draws smoothly. I would recommend that the maximum draw length of this bow be 29”, if you desire a longer draw, I would suggest you to take a look at Samick Journey.  Also, the recommended brace height is 7 ¼ inch to 8 ¼ inch.

To conclude, the weight and the feel of this recurve bow is good, solid and it gives a powerful feel around it because of the quality materials used to build this bow. Therefore, it will definitely will be a keeper! People with a lower budget should definitely consider this product because it is the best buy for the buck. I would highly recommend shooters from beginner to intermediate to purchase this product.

Bear Archery Titan Bow

Bear Archery Titan BowThis is a bow manufactured by Bear Archery. This bow is easy to use, especially for beginners and still it is a great bow. This is basically a lovely bow for young archers and beginners at a lovely price. Bear is a really good brand that manufactures quality bows.

The weight of the Bear Archery Titan Bow is considerably light. It is very suitable for teenagers and people with less arm strength because it will definitely be light but it still shoots a powerful shot.

For this purchase, it only comes without arrows and other accessories. Hence, safety equipment such as tab and gloves need to be bought separately. It will be about 20lb. to 29lb. for the draw weight while the draw length would be 22 in. to 28.

In addition, this product is considerably easy to transport. It will only come in a bow and it cannot be take out but overall it is lightweight. Even so, it might be quite hard to pull the string back. Overall, this is an excellent hunting gear for backyard shooting and a great target practice bow.

This recurve bow is definitely sustainable because it is very well made as it is strong and sturdy. Basically, it can stand up to some heavy use and abuse. For beginners, I would recommend that you wear shooting gloves to protect you finger from damage because your fingers are not use to excessive pressure. Buying a three fingered glove to hold the strings and some arrows with non-rubber fletching is highly recommended to avoid any blisters.

The line is a bit thin to hold the nock in place, therefore an electrical tape can be added too. Also, having a string nock will help. The Bear Archery Titan Bow is definitely durable and sturdy, it is also easy to string without a stringer using this bow. But beware as the tip where the string is held on might be loose and can fall off when keeping your bow.

If you would like to find out how to hand string, please check this link. Since this bow is made from good composite material, it might be able to last a very long time even though you forgot to take them in from the backyard and made it wet.  Also, this bow has durable composite limbs. The bow is solid and the grip is very well made!

Practically, in terms of finish, this product has a nice appearance. You will be impressed with its quality and how slick it looks for a good price.  You may also find this bow tough and rugged, which is a very well made recurve bow at this price. The overall bow length for the Bear Archery Titan Bow is 60 in.

Furthermore, it is very comfortable to shoot although it does not shoot as fast or as flat as a high performance recurve bow. Even so, it is still very good for shooting. The Bear Archery Titan Bow is easy to string, easy to draw and will definitely be tons of fun for backyard shooting. This product has enough power to get arrows to stuck into tree stumps but the arrow tip might get wedged.

You can test out which hand is your dominant hand in shooting by using this bow, and then improve your training significantly. Easily, since the Bear Archery Titan Bow is powerful and shoots smoothly, the arrow easily can be shot from 40 to 50 feet of distance using this bow.

The Bear Archery Titan Bow is also made for right handed or left handed people, which means everyone can shoot with it comfortably. This bow can shoot better  and be more powerful than more expansive bows.

In conclusion, I would recommend teenagers especially from 12 to 18 and beginners to purchase this because it is light while being easy to shoot. The shots would be strong enough to get you some distance and weak enough so that you do not exhaust yourself from shooting.

You will most probably give it five stars for its quality and price. Especially if you just want to try out archery and not get too serious in the game yet, this bow is for you. You won’t regret getting this especially if your finances are tight because this bow is really cheap! But beware, this item is not for sale in some places, please check the zip code that are banned.

Martin Jaguar Takedown Bow

Martin Jaguar Takedown BowThis is a recurve bow by Martin Archery. Martin archery is known to provide good service, if your recurve bow is defective, they will take action and make it right. Disclaimer, the Martin Jaguar Takedown Bow is for right hand only! This item is also not for sale in some specific zip codes, please check it in the webpage for more information.

To begin, the weight is relatively heavy. It might make you feel like you are holding a loaded gun rather than a recurve bow but it provides a very sturdy feel. It is as light as 2.7 lbs and very well constructed.

The limbs are the same as Martin’s more expensive TD Recurve bows such as the Diablo and Saber. This is a fairly heavy bow and 50 lbs pull is something which a beginner should avoid. The mass weight of the Martin Jaguar Takedown Bow is about 2.7 pounds.

Moreover, this bow is very good for transportation because it can be easily broken down and packed up easily. But there would be no carrying bag provided, hence you have to get one good bag for keeping the recurve bow. Generally, this bow is easy to take down, and you can purchase the lighter limbs for younger archers (below to 30lbs) to slowly build up their muscle.

Those who want a sturdier bow can get the limbs up to 55 lbs. where you definitely need strong muscles to shoot with this recurve bow. Make sure you have the tools such as the allen key to install the limbs. All in all, it is easy to put together and it is easy to learn to shoot it.

There is one end which fits over the tip, but you would have to stick your finger into the pocket to loosen the leather.  It goes together easy and will be strung up just fine. The brace height for this recurve bow is 7 inch while the AMO length is 60 inch.

Furthermore, this product is very sustainable due to the fact that the overall construction of this bow and materials used seem to be of high quality. Even so, the arrow rest is a flimsy plastic with metal nuts and does not support the bow properly. An alternative would be replacing the flimsy plastic rest with a aftermarket rest which will be suitable for counterbalance.

Overall, the Martin Jaguar Takedown Bow feels very sturdy. The aluminum raiser ( used to make the handle) might be one of the more solid pieces of metal which makes this recurve bow ever more lasting. A wooden bow might snap while you use it at a range, but Martin Jaguar Takedown Bow uses sturdy aluminum frame which is of great quality.

The center piece of the recurve bow is very solid because it is lightweight aluminum while you can add new limbs if it is necessary. I would suggest a 30lb draw if you go for casual target shooting and 50lb. for the experts. But the stronger weight will definitely be good workout. But as a rule of thumb, you should get lighter limbs for target shooting.

As a bonus, it has a nice and graceful appearance. Actually, this product can be used for bowfishing and it will be better sanding and sealing the limb’s sides to protect the wood core of the recurve bow from water damage. Do not buy recurve bows with higher poundage if you want to shoot more targets, more times.

Basically, the fit and finish for this bow is exceptional for this price. It has holes drilled for string stop as well while the suggested brace height is 7” to 7 1/2 “.  Remember, wrong brace height might engender painful arm slap which might take someone more experienced to notice.

To my surprise, the Martin Jaguar Takedown Bow is very comfortable to shoot in. Basically, once you know archery is for you, you will know that this bow is as good as any bow out there and cost way less than the majority of the bow that can be even or beat the quality of this recurve bow. Stringing the bow with the supplied stringing tool will make it much easier to fix the string.

Actually, the limbs are very strong yet they offer a smooth draw and a very clean release. Also, this bow shoots very quiet once you get the bow tuned properly. It will also control the vibration while target shooting. Actually, this bow can be considered to have a lighter draw weight which is necessary if you want to shoot more times, and shoot the arrow further. This recurve bow is also capable of housing multiple attachments.

One bonus tip, this is the method to know how long the arrow you should use. Outstretch your arm and measure the distance between your middle finger of right hand to middle finger of left hand, then divide that measurement by 2.5. After that, add 2 to 3 inches, so that the arrow head does not come in contact with the bow frame.  Also, it is suggested to use heavy arrows for this particular recurve bow.

In a nutshell, this bow is excellent for traditional shooting. The only con is the huge wide arrow rest on the raiser which might be quite fragile.  If you want to have quality equipment without spending much money, this is the bow for you!

The Martin Jaguar Takedown Bow is more versatile as it can be used from beginners (preferably 17 years above ) and experts. It will be fun to shoot with the Martin Jaguar Takedown Bow and it flings arrows with force. This bow shoots true and with real authority.  You will definitely be impressed by this bow!

Longbowmaker Hungarian Style

Longbowmaker Hungarian style Handmade Longbow Flagella Recurve Horsebow Archery 20-110LBS H1This is a recurve bow by Longbowmaker. Longbowmaker is one of the largest professional recurve bow manufacturer in China. This company is known to have many orders by customers all around the world while getting very few negative feedback. The recurve bows sold are purely hand-made and It will be tested prior to shipment to ensure quality of the bow. This is the company to go to for reliable and quality recurve bows.

Firstly, the draw weight of this bow is from 20 to 110 lbs. One thing to note is that this item will default back to 30 lbs after you select it. Hence, you have to make sure you check the details of the recurve bow you are buying properly especially at the last screen.

Do not order a 75 pounder unless you have really huge muscles! If the draw is too heavy, you might not even be able to draw it! Generally, it is fast and stout for as light as it is. For most people, it might feel considerably light, but still as strong as a bull.

The feasibility of this recurve bow for transportation is okay but it cannot be broken down and has to travel as a full bow. Basically, the bow body length is 145cm while the string length is 131cm. As a bonus, it comes with a sleeve that you can use to store the bow with a price that is much more than you have paid for.

In addition, the Longbowmaker Hungarian Style Handmade Longbow is also well-recommended for beginners because it is surprisingly durable and has an awesome quality. This well made product will most probably work as you expected it to be.

Basically, this bow is beautiful, sturdy and it will feel very pleasurable to shoot with this bow. It will definitely feel wonderful. Even so, the draw string may start fraying after a few uses. Be careful with the strings as they might be a bit fragile! This bow is known to be durable and will not break that easily.

To express my next point, this recurve bow generally is nice and pleasant looking. Although the hemp bindings might be a little fuzzy, a few coats of clear acrylic and judicious shaving can solve that problem effectively.  Also, if this is done, it actually keeps the string from catching on them while doing stringing and unstringing.

You may meet with some stringing problems and it is suggested that you use a bowstringer. It is suggested that the bow stringer is the kind that has one end that fits on the limb rather than on the tip. The tips are long, pointed and wide from front to the back.

If you still insist to use a stringer that fits over the tips, remember to have a good grip on the upper bow limb and grip as you start to bend the bow to string it because this will prevent the bow from turning sideways which happens abruptly. It also will apply torque to the limbs and possibly ruin the bow.

The Longbowmaker Hungarian Style Handmade Longbow is an awesome bow which is beautifully crafted. Ultimately, it looks authentic while all the people will love to look and feel of this bow which makes you to feel good. Beautiful to look at and it has a wonderful rustic quality where other bows might provide the same feel but with way more cost.

Furthermore, the Longbowmake Hungarian Style Handmade Longbow is very conducive to shoot in. Even though the string of this recurve bow is different which is made up of multiple strands of fine, individually twisted strands, rather than a twisted bundle of Dacron or other similar materials used, it is still sufficiently strong and durable.

I will advise you to avoid the 60lb version unless you have really strong arms.  I would recommend you to use a pair of shooting gloves as well as an arm guard which will help reduce the amount of pain felt in the hands. Beside saving your hands, having gloves will help you to shoot better. The draw length is about 28 inches while a safe draw length is about 33 inches. It can help you to shoot ambidextrously.

It has a nice and steady pull. As long as you maintain your form, it will send the arrow where you want them to go. It will be a bit hard to shoot, it will only be suggested to people with more muscles. All and all, this bow will provide a very nice draw.

For an overview, this recurve bow will definitely be a joy to shoot with. The Longbowmaker Hungarian Style Handmade Longbow is a great recurve bow to start with if you are new to traditional archery. To sum it up, this bow is well-made and beautiful.

This bow was designed and it is handmade by Longbowmaker where many other seller sells low quality bows. Longbowmaker will ship the item by EMS and it will take about 7 to 12 business days to be sent to the USA. EMS requires the recipient’s phone number, so if you want to purchase this item your phone number has to be given to them.

If you want to buy high quality bow like this one, this brand is definitely the brand for you but beware when making this purchase. Most probably you can be able to use this bow a great deal for a long time. For this price, you can’t beat this recurve bow. This Is definitely a good deal!

PSE Razorback Recurve Bow (for Right Hand) 

PSE Razorback Recurve Bow Right HandThis is a recurve bow which is manufactured by PSE Archery. They are known to make home-grown quality  recurve bows that scratch  your traditional bow shooting “itch”. To shed some light in the history of this company, PSE founder, Pete Shepley,  a product enginner, made it a hobby to design innovative archery equipment in his spare time.

Through shooting tournaments, magazine articles and word-of-mouth, PSE has made a reputation of providing recurve bow with outstanding quality.   In this contemporary, they are the largest and accessory manufacturer in the world! Disclaimer, check whether it is a left-handed or right-handed bow before purchase.

One more thing to note is that the set does not come with anything more than the parts of the bow and the string. Basically, this bow is recommended for starters or just a good all-around target bow.

First and foremost, the suggested weight to purchase for young shooters especially shooters range from 20 to 35 lbs. You will feel more comfortable and confident by starting with a lighter bow. It is really recommended that a student or a beginner start with a smaller draw weight and move up only when they are shooting in the correct form.

Generally, it is much lighter than compound bows but it is still very powerful. But be warned, the draw weight for this bow is probably at the upper limit for most new shooters. Keep working at it and you will definitely build up more muscles.

Moreover, this recurve bow is quite flexible for transport. The PSE Razorback Recurve Bow has interchangeable limbs so that when we progress in shooting, a different limb can be put in place for different draw weights. This recurve bow is very suitable for beginning archers.

It is easy to take down and string without a bow stringer (although it is suggested to use one).  This recurve bow is considerably easy to take apart because the limbs connect to the riser with one large screw that does not even require a screwdriver to insert. The screws need dry lubricant to put into the recurve bow. You would not get grease all over yourself but do not drop them because it might get stuck in the threads.

The limb bolts are very easy to screw in and assembly is easy. You can take it down to transport and store it. Overall, this bow is easy to assemble and it shoots extremely well.

As a bonus, this bow has an appearance that may garner respect from other people. This is a recurve bows, and recurve bows have that awesome and traditional look that makes them stand out. The craftsmanship of this bow is very beautifully done. The riser may be one of the most appealing part because the colours of the wood is great and the wood is smoothly finished though it does not have a glossy look.

On the riser, there are many different holes to add attachments such as a stabilizer, a bow quiver and different types of arrow rests. It would be great to fix your bow with an arrow rest and a nocking point. One more point to add, the string comes with the PSE Razorback Recurve bow is really nice except the serving around the ends may fray a little after some time. It looks good, shoots good.

Also, it is comfortable to shoot in because this bow is a lot of fun! It is suggested to put a stabilizer and sight to improve accuracy. Having a release would also be ideal for improved shooting accuracy. Since this bow only comes by itself without any stringer, arrows, gloves or target, I would suggest that you get them for a more enjoyable shooting experience.

For the arrows, you should not get anything smaller than 30” arrows because you might occasionally draw the arrowhead back past the riser and you have to flip the arrow around to line-up again. A suggested brand would be the Genessis II arrows which may be a perfect match for a bow.

For starters, it might be a little bit difficult to pull it back and old it there. But after some deliberate practice sessions, you will be able to hold it no problem. One more thing, it is good to get a wrist strap. Great bow for target practice!

This hunting bow is considerably durable. Even so, there are plastic pieces in between the limbs and the riser. But all and all, the rest of the parts are good and sustainable. It also comes with a high quality riser with a fine string. The problem with this is that after a while, you might begin to wear away with the string where your arrows are nocked. But on the bright side, this helps you to see where you can put the nock.

In a nutshell, this is a great starter gear. But be careful which product you buy by taking note whether the bow is for right handed shooter or a left handed shooter for better comfort while having a greater chance to go ambidextrous.

“Sage 2” Spyder Takedown Recurve Bow ( Samick Sage NEW Model) 

Spyder Takedown Recurve Bow - Samick Sage NEW ModelThis is sold by Southwest Archery. This recurve bow is available with stringer tool. Basically, it is designed by the makers of the Samick Sage Recurve Bow. The SWA Spyder is an improved version which has been refered to as the Sage 2. It provides 1-year manufacture warranty from SouthWest Archery USA.

First and foremost, the weight is roughly 20-60lbs. As of all takedown-style recurve bow, is that if you want a firmer draw weight, you can always purchase replacement limbs instead of having to buy an entire new bow for a variety of draw weight.

Of course, you can go to an archery shop to get the correct arrows and accessories needed to shoot instead of getting the package. I would like to suggest that you go to your local archery shop for more inquiry as you will definitely gain a wealth of information.

If you just purchase any accessories or arrows online, there is a higher possibility that you will buy the wrong things. Most of them are very passionate about shooting and are willing to share their experience in this field.

Furthermore, it is quite easy to transport. The total length is 62 inches.  Basically, the Spyder Takedown Recurve Bow is a 3 piece takedown bow where an allen wrench is necessary for assembly. The purchase comes with a bow string and an arrow rest.

A stringer tool is needed out the string on the recurve bow or take the string off. If you do not have a stringer tool, you may select the set which comes with a stringer tool to have it included with your purchase. It will only take you a few short minutes to assemble the recurve bow. As for all takedown bow, it is made to be assembled and be disassembled with ease.

In addition, this product is very durable because it is an improvement over the standard Samick Sage. The hard edges of the riser (handle) and limb pockets have been rounded to provide a sleeker, lighter weight, and more comfortable experience while shooting with the recurve bow.

A layer of red wood (found in many high end recurves) has been added to the riser to make it stand out from the crowd at an impressive value. Also, flush limb bolts provide a more streamlined look and feel. The limbs still have reinforced limb tips and are fast flight compatible. It is great for bowfishing and target archery. It is an amazing bow with great quality.

In addition, the Spyder Takedown Recurve Bow is really beautiful in appearance and nicely packaged. The workmanship of the wood is clean and smooth and most likely there would not be a single scratch. Basically, it comes in a box which includes a bow, string (which is nice to use), a stick-on arrow rest and hardware to assemble the recurve bow.

You can also check out the video entitled “setting up your Spyder Takedown Recurve Bow” for an idea of how to assemble the bow. All and all, it’s a sharp looking bow. To compare with the Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow, the Spyder Takedown Recurve Bow has a red accent strip in lamination at the riser which helps you to tell apart which bow is which.

It also has cleaner lines because the knobs are replaced with the screws for the limbs. Basically, it is almost similar to the original with exception of colour where there are some red in the wood and it has a sleeker body with more rounded edges which makes it seem less bulk.

The Spyder Takedown Recurve Bow will be surprisingly nice to shoot with. This bow is made for left handed and right handed people. As for the hand orientation, a right handed bow will be held in your left hand and the string would be pulled with your right hand. Conversely, a left handed bow will be held in the right hand while the string would be pulled with the left hand.

Packages which are available are the “ Ready 3 Shoot Package” which includes a bow string, a stringer tool, 3 premium carbon arrows, one hard case and an armguard. Another optional package would be the new “Bowfishing Package” which includes 2 bowfishing arrows, an arrow rest and a drum reel during purchase.

This product will aid imprive your accuracy in shooting. It is also advisable to out nocking points on the bow string to prevent yourself for developing bad habits in your form while shooting. Before installing the nocking points, you must make sure you get everything measured to install it correctly.

During shooting if you experience some bad shocks, get some shock absorbers for the limbs which will alleviate the problem. You would be very pleased with the way this arrow shoots!

To summarise, the Spyder Takedown Recurve Bow is excellent in quality especially with this price. Really recommended for people entering the world of archery. You will be very pleased with the quality and finish of the recurve bow. It will feel great on your hand and you will be pleased with the ergonomics of this bow. If you are new, besides buying the bow you might need some arrows, nocking points, a pair of shooting glove, arm guard and a 3D target.

SAS Spirit 62” Take Down Recurve Bow 

SAS Spirit Take Down Recurve BowThis is a product by Southland Archery Supply. Before you read further on, this bow is for right handers only! Southland Archery Supply also provides 3-year SAS warranty. This bow is perfect for family fun during backyard shooting.

To start off, the weight of this bow is relatively light about 3 pounds. The draw weight of this bow comes with 26lbs, 30lbs, 32lb and 36lbs while being 62 inches long.

Also, the SAS Spirit Takedown Recurve Bow should be relatively easy to transport to different places. Be warned that it does not include any SAS screw in the arrow rest. Hence, do not forget to order them if you decide to purchase this recurve bow. Restringing the bow is also very easy. Be careful while stringing the bow or else you might have to replace the bow string.

Basically, while buying this product, it is wise to get an arrow rest, an armguard, a pair of gloves, a bow stringer and some arrows (you can choose feathers or vanes).

Interestingly, it is really great for target shooting. It is a well-constructed bow and it shoots straight while lasting for many years to come. It is suggested that you get an arrow rest because purchasing this bow does not come with one. The SAS Spirit Takedown Recurve bow has the receptacle for an arrow rest where you can basically just screw in the arrow rest for the recurve bow.

The take down feature of the limbs will allow archers who are beginning to venture into this art to improve with their capability by using the limbs which correlates to their strength while slow increasing the draw weight when the time is right.

In terms of durability, it is good because the limbs are made of strong fibreglass. This provides flexibility and durability which is great for teenagers or children starting out in shooting. This is because it can bend but it is difficult to break.

Basically, the riser is made of various different three types of woods. They are chuglam, gmelina arborea, and beech. These woods give the bow riser its pale yellow to cream colored look and are made from some of the most durable trees in Asia. This bow will definitely be easy for children to handle and shoot. Even so, the bow’s body is multi-shade laminate instead of solid wood which some people might prefer.

This recurve bow simply is just sturdy. All and all, it still looks absolutely gorgeous. The hardware are also screwed in nice and tight.

In terms of appearance, it has maple laminations which makes it has that classy look. The length of the SAS Spirit is 62 “ and the recommended shooter’s height would be 5’7”.Although the recurve bow has beautiful lamination on the riser, the wood is unfinished and it is not glossy.

At the end of it, this is a very well-made bow and it is beautiful. Definitely one of the bows that is top of the line especially with three years warranty which indirectly shows their confidence in their product’s quality.

Bear Archery Grizzly Recurve Bow

Bear Archery® Grizzly Recurve Bow Right HandThis is a recurve bow by Bear Archery. Before you look any further, the Bear Archery Grizzly Recurve Bow is for right-handed people only! This company also has a policy to only sell the Bear Archery Grizzly Recurv Bow to people who are 18 or older only. This recurve bow cannot be shipped to the D.C, MA or Puerto Rico.

Also, this bow cannot be shipped by Parcel Post. Please check your State, County and City laws for restrictions before ordering the Bear Archery Grizzly Recurve Bow, Right Hand. You can also search for the left handed bow which is also available. Bear Archery products a proven to be of great quality.

To start off, this bow is considerably light and its really nice to hold! It also has a state draw weight. Basically, the Bear Archery Grizzly Recurve Bow is made of “FutureWood”. It is Bear Archery’s new manufacturing process that gives new and special physical properties to the wood in the handle section.

Bear Archery uses a pressurised vacuum that fills all the natural pores in the wood which increases its weight and strength. After the process so called “baking”, the handle is no longer natural wood but futurewood which is very difficult to spoil or crack. Yet, the wood is still as beautiful as it is. This is a video on   “How the Fred Bear Recurve Bow is Made,” Parts 1 and 2, which shows you how skilled is their craftsmanship. This bow is light, really well-made and accurate. Really beautifully constructed.

For a man who exercises frequently, I would suggest that you take the #35 bow and give it a try first because this bow needs muscles to work it properly. For beginners, a #30 or #35 might be good for an average built man.

Amazingly, this bow is very durable because it is finished in satin gloss to protect the Bow and provide a shield to minimize dampness and abrasion. Basically, the Bear Archery Grizzly Recurve Bow comes with a cut-past-centre shelf, which is covered in Bear Hair. The limbs which are the top and bottom end are overlaid with clear maple which is backed and faced with a high-strength fibreglass with the colour black.

As for the comfort for shooting, the Bear Archery Grizzly Recurve Bow comes with a dependable Dacron string which makes the 58” Grizzly really tough while being an economical bow for the “working man”. The 58” is the AMO length where it is approved by the Archery Manufacturers Organization which sets standards for bow length and so on.

Since it comes with a Flemish twist string, you do need to buy a new string. It looks really good and it is really nice to hold since it is so smooth which fits great in the hand while making it really easy to shoot. There might be minimal hand shock too. Also, it comes with a bear hair rest and plate which is already installed.

Definitely awesome for target practice! To add on, this is a fairly loud bow. Hence, it is advisable that you get some silencing accessories to compensate for the noise. The limbs are also not laminated, so there might be some vibration.

Moreover, as for the look of this bow, the classic Grizzly design has not been changed for the past 50 years!  This bow is definitely aesthetic and would stun people as they set eyes on it. This is basically a classic type of bow for archery. It is definitely for you if you love a recurve bow with natural wood, have beautiful curves at the riser while having simple yet elegant lines on the bow. This recurve bow has a 1-piece riser (the centre section where you hold the bow) which is crafted from a rich reddish hardwood maple.

To conclude, this is a really great recurve bow for those that want to practice Olympic style archery or go to the range to really impress people! When you get stronger in the future, you can try to take on different weights to see which one suit you better. This bow is for beginners but especially for people who have been into archery for a while. Amazing performance and great appearance!

PSE Nighthawk Recurve Bow 

PSE nighthawk recurve bow

This is a product by PSE and it is made for right-handed people. This is the PSE Heritage Series Blackhawk which is a traditional bow which is great for accuracy. The purchase of this bow comes with a Dacron string and an arrow rest which you can cut and put the bow on.

The weight that is available for this recurve bow is 35#, 40# 45# and 50# weight or a 28” draw weight. All and all, the PSE Blackhawk Recurve Bow is really light and easy to carry while being really nicely made.  Even so, it might be a bit heavy for beginners.

The PSE Blackhawk Recurve Bow is considerably good for transportation as it is a one-piece recurve bow. It is 60” from top to bottom. The brace height is 7” to 7 ½ “.

This product  is definitely a sight for sore eyes! The riser is cut from beautifully laminated hardwood with a handcrafted shelf which is perfect for instinctive shooting.The riser is cut from beautifully laminated hardwood with a crowned-to-the-hand shelf, perfect for instinctive shooting. The Blackhawk is one of the best values in traditional archery. 60″ end-to-end. Brace height 7-7 1/2″. Available in your choice 35#, 40#, 45#, and 50# weight or a 28″ draw.

As for the performance, this product is great for target shooting. You can buy the 50# pull if you have the muscle for it. As a rule of thumb, make sure you can draw your string and hold it for 30 seconds without starting to shake or wobble. If this criteria is met, then you have found the right poundage for you.

As I have repeated several times, use your recurve bow stringer because it will make the stringing process much easier without damaging the limbs. Avoid using the step through method because it may be devastating to your bow as it will cause the limbs to twist permanently. Definitely comfortable to shoot, and it looks great! It also gives really powerful shots.

Furthermore, it is considerably durable too! Remember to take care of it and let the recurve bow get used to the change in temperature while shooting outside. Take care of this hunting gear properly so that it can last longer.

As a conclusion, the PSE Blackhawk Recurve bow is one of the best traditional archery bow at this price! This is a really nice all wood bow for archery. Generally, this bow is really great and very powerful for this price!

Overall Conclusion

The 9 recurve bows above are the best I can find in the market! Remember to do your research and get the best recurve bow for a great experience in archery. Feel free to share your thoughts in the subject and tell us which recurve bow do you prefer?